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Weekly addresses

The following list includes weekly addresses delivered by Barack Obama. See also Category:Weekly addresses of Barack Obama.

As President-Elect edit

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Date Topic Title Notes
11/08/08 Economy "An Urgent Reminder"
11/15/08 Economy "Rise to the Moment"
11/22/08 Economy "It Is Time to Act"
11/29/08 Holidays "Honor, and Give Thanks" preview made available 11/27
12/06/08 Economy "One People United"
12/13/08 Economy "Unease and Uncertainty"
12/20/08 Technology "Search for Knowledge"
12/27/08 Holidays "Hope Endures" preview made available 12/24
01/03/09 Economy "American Recovery"
01/10/09 Economy "Not a Matter of Chance"
01/17/09 Inauguration "American Tradition"

As President edit

What had previously been referred to as the "Presidential Radio Address" became known as the "Presidential Weekly Address" when President Obama began using YouTube as a method of delivering the address.

First Term edit

2009 edit

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Date Topic Title Notes
01/24/09 Economy "The Challenges We Face" First address as President
01/31/09 Economy "We Are Moving Forward"
02/07/09 Economy "Scale and Scope" First address closed captioned
02/14/09 Economy "Equal to This Task"
02/21/09 Economy "Rules of the Road"
02/28/09 Federal Budget "Real and Dramatic Change"
03/07/09 Federal Budget "Where We Need to Go"
03/14/09 Health Care "A Troubling Trend"
03/21/09 Federal Budget "Equal to the Task"
03/28/09 Red River flood "The Power of Nature"
04/04/09 Foreign Relations "The Challenges of Our Time" Address made on Air Force One
04/11/09 Holidays "This Time of Renewal"
04/18/09 Economy "Efficient and Accountable"
04/25/09 Economy "To Serve the People"
05/02/09 H1N1 Pandemic "Safety and Security"
05/09/09 Economy "All In This Together"
05/15/09 Energy; Health Care "This New Foundation"
05/23/09 Holidays "The Heart of our History"
05/30/09 Sonia Sotomayor "A Lifetime of Experience"
06/06/09 Health Care "Time to Deliver"
06/13/09 Economy; Health Care "Frayed at the Seams"
06/20/09 Economy "Spoiling for a Fight"
06/27/09 Energy "Investing in Clean Energy"
07/04/09 Holidays "Write the Next Chapter"
07/11/09 Jobs "Courage and Determination" Address made in L'Aquila, Italy
07/18/09 Health Care "The Security They Deserve"
07/25/09 Health Care "The Care They Need"
08/01/09 Economy "This Storm Will Pass"
08/08/09 Health Care "This Isn't About Politics"
08/15/09 Health Care "Our Responsibility in Our Time"
08/22/09 Health Care "More Outrageous Myths"
08/29/09 Katrina Anniversary "The Chance of Renewal"
09/05/09 Jobs "More Prosperous Times"
09/12/09 Health Care "Put Country Before Party"
09/19/09 Economy "The Interests of All of Us"
09/26/09 Foreign Relations "The Community of Nations" Recorded on return from the G20 Summit
10/03/09 Economy; Health Care "A Spirit of Civility"
10/10/09 Health Care "What We Are Called to Do"
10/17/09 Health Care "Serve the National Interest"
10/24/09 Economy "Make Us Who We Are"
10/31/09 Economy "Built on a Solid Foundation"
11/07/09 Fort Hood Shooting "Our Nation Endures"
11/14/09 Holidays; Fort Hood "All Who Wear the Uniform"
11/21/09 Foreign Relations "Stronger and More Prosperous" Address made in Seoul, South Korea
11/28/09 Holidays "Jobs and Opportunities" Preview made available 11/26
12/05/09 Jobs "The Promise of America"
12/12/09 Economy; Jobs "Responsibility and Accountability"
12/19/09 Health Care "Long and Vigorous Debate"
12/24/09 Holidays "Everything in Our Power" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama

2010 edit

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Date Topic Title Notes
01/02/10 Terrorism "Confidence and Optimism" Address made in Honolulu, Hawaii
01/09/10 Health Care "Tremendous Promise"
01/16/10 Economy; Jobs "Costly and Painful Crisis"
01/23/10 Legislation "Washington Belongs to You"
01/30/10 Federal Budget "What We Must Deliver"
02/06/10 Economy "Every Incentive to Help"
02/13/10 Economy "Every Dollar We Spend"
02/20/10 Health Care "To Solve Any Problem"
02/27/10 Winter Olympics "Time for Us to Act"
03/06/10 Health Care "A Long and Hard Road"
03/13/10 Education "Brimming With Promise"
03/20/10 Economy "To Exact a Terrible Toll"
03/27/10 Education "Our Greatest Common Tasks"
04/03/10 Holidays "This Unity Will Endure"
04/10/10 Taxes "Reach for the American Dream"
04/17/10 Economy "The Costs of Inaction"
04/24/10 Economy "Trust and Confidence"
05/01/10 Ethics "Even More Powerful Weapon"
05/08/10 Health Care "What Change Looks Like"
05/15/10 Economy "To Lay a New Foundation"
05/22/10 Deepwater Horizon "What Worked and What Didn’t"
05/29/10 Veterans "To Lay a Few Stems"
06/05/10 Deepwater Horizon "In the Face of Adversity" Address made from Grand Isle, Louisiana
06/12/10 Health Care "The Responsibility We Have"
06/19/10 Obstructionism "Compromise and Cooperation"
06/26/10 Economy "The Verge of Victory"
07/03/10 Economy; Energy "Write Our Own Destiny"
07/10/10 Veterans "The Character to Serve"
07/17/10 Obstructionism "To Come Through This Storm"
07/24/10 Economy "The Character of This Nation"
07/31/10 Economy "How We Deal With Challenge" Address made from Detroit, Michigan
08/07/10 Medicare "A Solemn Compact"
08/14/10 Social Security "Today, Tomorrow, and Forever"
08/21/10 Ethics "Of, By, and For the People"
08/28/10 Iraq War "The Promise Our Nation Makes"
09/04/10 Economy; Holidays "Hard Work and Responsibility"
09/11/10 9/11 Anniversary "A Day That Tested Our Country"
09/18/10 Economy; Ethics "Our Democracy Itself"
09/25/10 Economy "The Best of Them"
10/02/10 Economy; Energy "Fight for a Brighter Future"
10/09/10 Education "Playing for First"
10/16/10 Economy "Innovation and Ingenuity"
10/23/10 Economy "A Level Playing Field"
10/30/10 Elections "The Allegiance We Hold"
11/06/10 Taxes "Your Message Was Clear"
11/13/10 Economy; Taxes "Measures of Transparency"
11/20/10 New START "A Win for America"
11/25/10 Veterans; Holidays "The Blessings of One Another"
12/04/10 Economy; Taxes "Restore the American Dream" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
12/11/10 Economy; Taxes "Strengthening the Middle Class"
12/18/10 New START "Spirit of Common Purpose"
12/25/10 Holidays; Military "Simple Gifts" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama

2011 edit

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Date Topic Title Notes
01/01/11 Economy; Holidays "A New Year and a New Decade"
01/08/11 Economy; Taxes "Our Fundamental Mission"
01/15/11 Tucson Shooting "The Work of This Nation"
01/22/11 Economy "A New and Challenging Time"
01/29/11 Economy; Education "The Incredible Promise" Address made in Manitowoc, Wisconsin
02/05/11 Economy; Technology "Our Nation Will Prosper"
02/12/11 Economy "What We Cannot Do Without"
02/19/11 Economy; Education "America Will Win the Future" Address made in Portland, Oregon
02/26/11 Economy; Energy "Our People and Our Economy"
03/05/11 Economy; Education "The Future of an Entire Generation" Address made in Miami, Florida
03/12/11 Gender "How Far We've Come"
03/26/11 Military, Libyan War;
Foreign Relations
"Our Interests and Our Ideals"
04/02/11 Economy; Energy "Keep Up the Momentum" Address made in Landover, Maryland
04/09/11 Economy; Taxes "What the American People Deserve"
04/16/11 Economy; Taxes;
Health Care
"What's Really at Stake"
04/23/11 Economy; Energy "What Our Mission Has to Be"
04/30/11 Economy; Energy "Investment in a Better Tomorrow"
05/07/11 Economy; Energy "When We Set Our Minds To It" Address made in Indianapolis, Indiana
05/14/11 Energy "Investments Worth Making"
05/21/11 Education "Race to the Top"
05/28/11 Economy; Holidays "A Single Act of Kindness" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
06/04/11 Economy "People Who Don’t Give Up" Address made in Toledo, Ohio
06/11/11 Economy; Energy "Put That Dream Within Reach"
06/18/11 Family; Holidays "Those Precious Moments"
06/25/11 Economy; Technology;
Foreign Relations
"The Challenges of a New Time" Address made from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
07/02/11 Economy; Holidays "For the Sake of Our Country"
07/09/11 Economy "Rise to the Moment"
07/16/11 Economy "The Least You Expect From Us"
07/23/11 Debt; Economy "What the American People Expect"
07/30/11 Debt; Economy "The Time for Compromise"
08/06/11 Debt; Economy "Reach a Brighter Day"
08/13/11 Economy "Putting the American People First"
08/20/11 Economy; Jobs "Made in America" Address made in Alpha, Illinois
08/27/11 9/11 Anniversary "Character and Compassion"
09/03/11 Economy; Legislation "Keep Our Country Moving"
09/10/11 9/11 Anniversary;
Family; Veterans
"Coming Together as One Nation"
09/17/11 American Jobs Act "The Time for Action is Now"
09/24/11 Economy; Education "Time to Raise Our Standards"
10/01/11 American Jobs Act "Pass This Jobs Bill"
10/08/11 Economy "Making Your Voices Heard"
10/15/11 Economy "Putting People Back to Work" Address made in Detroit, Michigan
10/22/11 Economy; Veterans
Foreign Relations
"Bringing Home Our Troops"
10/29/11 Economy "We Can't Wait to Create Jobs"
11/05/11 Economy "Increase the Pace" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
11/12/11 Military "An American Responsibility" Address made aboard USS Carl Vinson
11/19/11 Economy "Three Proud Words" Address made from Indonesia
11/24/11 Veterans; Holidays "We Make Tomorrow Better"
12/03/11 Economy; Taxes "Stronger Than Before"
12/10/11 Economy; Taxes "Time to Do What's Right"
12/17/11 Military "When We Stick Together"
12/24/11 Military; Holidays "A Time to Give Thanks" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama
12/31/11 Economy; Holidays "Move This Country Forward"

2012 edit

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Date Topic Title Notes
01/07/12 Economy "Insourcing American Jobs"
01/14/12 Economy "Part of a Hopeful Trend"
01/21/12 Economy "America is Open for Business"
01/28/12 Economy "An Economy Built to Last"
02/04/12 Housing "Fairness and Responsibility"
02/11/12 Taxes "All the Difference in the World"
02/18/12 Economy "We Said We Would Do It" Address made in Everett, Washington
02/25/12 Economy "All of the Above"
03/03/12 Energy "The Clean Energy Future"
03/10/12 Energy "Right Now and in the Future" Address made in Petersburg, Virginia
03/17/12 Energy "The Past or the Future"
03/24/12 Transportation "The Greatest Nation on Earth"
03/31/12 Economy; Taxes "What We Can Do Together"
04/07/12 Holidays "The Triumph of Hope"
04/14/12 Economy; Taxes "It Doesn't Make Sense"
04/21/12 Economy; Education "A Question of Values"
04/28/12 Veterans; Education "Bravery and Honor"
05/05/12 Foreign Relations "A New Chapter Begins"
05/12/12 Economy "Moving This Country Forward"
05/19/12 Economy "Making This Economy Stronger"
05/26/12 Veterans; Holidays "So That We Could Be Free"
06/02/12 Economy; Veterans "We Would Come Back Stronger" Address made in Golden Valley, Minnesota
06/09/12 Economy; Education "Bigger Than an Election"
06/16/12 Economy "Moving This Country Forward"
06/23/12 Economy; Education "Keep This Recovery Moving"
06/30/12 Colorado Wildfires "Look Out for Each Other" Address made in Colorado Springs, Colorado
07/07/12 Economy; Education "Your Voice Will Be Heard" Address made in Boardman, Ohio
07/14/12 Economy; Taxes "What We All Agree On"
07/21/12 Aurora Shooting "The Hard Days to Come"
07/28/12 Economy; Taxes "Making Sure That Work Pays Off"
08/04/12 Summer Olympics "Why We Come Together"
08/11/12 Midwestern Drought "Come Out of This Stronger"
08/18/12 Economy; Education "Teachers Matter"
08/25/12 Medicare "Keeping Our Promises"
09/01/12 Veterans "Every Sense of the Word"
09/08/12 9/11 Anniversary "Just How Far We've Come"
09/15/12 Benghazi Attack "The Country They Served"
09/22/12 Economy; Veterans "There’s Been Enough Talk"
09/29/12 Economy; Housing "Standing in the Way"
10/06/12 Economy; Veterans "To Keep Moving Forward"
10/13/12 Economy "How Far We've Come Together"
10/20/12 Economy; Housing "The Progress We've Made"
10/27/12 Economy; Reform "The Same Set of Rules"
11/03/12 Hurricane Sandy "To Recover and Rebuild"
11/10/12 Economy; Jobs "Balanced and Responsible"
11/17/12 Economy; Taxes "Just Get the Job Done"
11/22/12 Holidays "Something to Be Grateful For"
12/01/12 Economy; Taxes "We All Have a Say" Address made in Hatfield, Pennsvylania
12/08/12 Economy; Taxes "A Sense of Security"
12/15/12 Newtown Shooting "Our Hearts Are Broken"
12/22/12 Veterans; Holidays "This Season of Giving" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama
12/29/12 Economy; Taxes "To Protect the Middle Class"

2013 edit

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Date Topic Title Notes
01/05/13 Economy; Taxes "The Interests of Our Country"
01/12/13 Afghan War "A Very Difficult Mission"
01/19/13 Weapons Reform "A Real and Lasting Difference"

Second Term edit

2013 edit

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Date Topic Title Notes
01/26/13 Economy; Nominations "The Greatest Force"
02/02/13 Economy "Effort and Determination"
02/09/13 Economy; Sequester "The Support They Need"
02/16/13 Economy; Education "The Next Great Chapter"
02/23/13 Economy; Sequester "Our Driving Focus"
03/02/13 Economy; Sequester "Willing to Compromise"
03/09/13 Economy; Sequester "Compromise Is Possible"
03/16/13 Economy; Energy "When We Commit Ourselves" Address made at Argonne National
Laboratory outside Chicago, Illinois
03/23/13 Weapons Reform "A Unique Opportunity"
03/30/13 Holidays "The Triumph of Faith"
04/06/13 Economy; Jobs "Leave Behind Something Better"
04/13/13 Weapons Reform "When Real Change Begins" Delivered by Francine Wheeler
04/20/13 Boston Bombings "Compassionately and Unafraid"
04/27/13 Economy; Sequester "The Same Sense of Urgency"
05/04/13 Economy; Immigration "Shared Heritage and Values" Address made in Mexico City, Mexico
05/11/13 Economy; Housing "Hard Work is Rewarded"
05/18/13 Economy; Jobs "We'll All Prosper, Together"
05/25/13 Holidays; Veterans "What Their Sacrifices Achieved"
06/01/13 Housing; Immigration "Where We Need to Be"
06/08/13 Immigration "The Chance to Earn Their Way"
06/15/13 Holidays "Comfort and Encouragement"
06/22/13 Economy; Immigration "The Story of America"
06/29/13 Environment "Where We Go From Here"
07/06/13 Holidays; Veterans "This Improbable Nation"
07/13/13 Immigration; Jobs "To Get This Done"
07/20/13 Economy "Fair and Much More Sound"
07/27/13 Economy "Build That Better Bargain"
08/03/13 Economy "Take a Few Bold Steps"
08/03/13 Economy; Housing "A Source of Pride"
08/17/13 Affordable Care Act "This Isn't a Game"
08/24/13 Education "A Roll of the Dice"
08/31/13 Holidays "The Envy of the World"
09/07/13 Syrian Uprising "Somebody Else's War"
09/14/13 Syrian Uprising "A Diplomatic Solution"
09/21/13 Debt; Economy "Running Out of Time"
09/28/13 Affordable Care Act "Full Faith and Credit"
10/05/13 Government Shutdown "Threats to Our Economy"
10/12/13 Government Shutdown "When We Work Together"
10/19/13 Government Shutdown "The Cloud of Crisis"
10/26/13 Affordable Care Act "For Every One of Us"
11/02/13 Economy; Federal Budget "A Chance to Get Ahead"
11/09/13 Holidays "Everything You've Done"
11/16/13 Energy; Environment "Where We're Heading"
11/23/13 Economy "To Build a Better Bargain"
11/28/13 Holidays "One American Family"
12/07/13 Economy "The Smart Thing To Do"
12/14/13 Newton Anniversary "We Must Make a Change"
12/21/13 Economy "A Fair Shot at Success"
12/28/13 Holidays "Stories of the Season" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama

2014 edit

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Date Topic Title Notes
01/04/14 Unemployment "A Growing Middle Class"
01/11/14 Economy; Jobs "A Year of Action"
01/18/14 Economy; Jobs "A Breakthrough Year"
01/25/14 Sexual Violence "Every Girl and Boy"
02/01/14 Economy "Hard Work Pays Off"
02/15/14 Minimum Wage "Give America a Raise"
02/22/14 Minimum Wage "A Chance to Get Ahead"
03/01/14 Economy "Out Founding Vision"
03/08/14 Minimum Wage "To Restore Opportunity"
03/15/14 Overtime Pay "Hope and Optimism"
03/22/14 Minimum Wage "Good for Business"
03/29/14 Minimum Wage "Deserve Enough Pay" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
04/05/14 Federal Budget "From the Middle-Out"
04/12/14 Pay Inequality "Equal Pay for Equal Work
04/19/14 Holidays "A Better Day to Come"
04/26/14 Minimum Wage "Time for Ten-Ten"
05/03/14 Economy "Growing the Economy"
05/10/14 Nigerian Kidnapping;
"Hope for the Future" Delivered by First Lady Michelle Obama
05/17/14 Economy "Willing to Help"
05/24/14 Veterans; Holidays "A Sacred Obligation"
05/31/14 Environment "Break the Old Rules" Address made from the
Children's National Medical Center
06/07/14 College Affordability "The Surest Pathway"
06/14/14 Holidays "Every Day of the Year"
06/21/14 Workplace Policy "Family-Friendly Policies"
06/28/14 Economy "Offer a Fair Shot"
07/04/14 Veterans; Holidays "You Keep Us Safe"
07/12/14 Economy "Help Working Americans"
07/19/14 Economy "Some Good Steps"
07/26/14 Tax Reform "An Economic Patriotism"
08/02/14 Economy "To Get Things Moving"
08/09/14 Iraq Operations "Dignity and Freedom"
08/16/14 College Affordability "Make a New Argument"
08/23/14 Exim Bank "Hard Work and Resilience"
08/30/14 Minimum Wage;
"United American Family"
09/06/14 Economy "Given a Fair Shot" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
09/13/14 ISIL "We Will Never Waver"
09/20/14 ISIL "A Moment We Will Meet"
09/27/14 ISIL "To Secure That Legacy"
10/04/14 Economy "Growth Is Shared" Address made from Princeton, Indiana
10/11/14 Minimum Wage "Hard Work is Rewarded"
10/18/14 Ebola Virus "How to Wage This Fight"
10/25/14 Ebola Virus "Meet This Challenge"
11/01/14 Minimum Wage "Stand Up and Choose"
11/08/14 Veterans; Holidays "Stay Strong and Free"
11/15/14 Health Care "Breathe a Little Easier"
11/22/14 Immigration "Our Shared Commitment" Address made from Del Sol High School
in Las Vegas, Nevada
11/27/14 Holidays "Remember and Be Grateful"
12/06/14 Economy "A Lot of Work To Do"
12/13/14 Veterans "Stable and Secure"
12/20/14 Economy "A New Foundation"
12/25/14 Holidays "Children's Winter Wonderland" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama

2015 edit

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Date Topic Title Notes
01/03/15 Health Care "Pleased and Excited" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
01/10/15 Economy "Full Speed Ahead"
01/17/15 Economy "Resilience and Sacrifice"
01/24/15 Economy "The Choice Is Clear"
01/31/15 Economy "The Same Set of Rules"
02/07/15 Economy "Worthy of This Country" Address made from Indianapolis, Indiana
02/14/15 Education "Pick Up the Books"
02/21/15 Economy "Written By Us"
02/28/15 Economy "Rules of the Road"
03/07/15 Education "Her Unique Contributions"
03/14/15 College Affordability "Built on Innovation"
03/21/15 Loretta Lynch "Stop Playing Politics"
03/28/15 Economy "A Vicious Cycle of Debt"
04/04/15 Foreign Relations "The Diplomatic Option"
04/11/15 Economy "Crisis to Recovery" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
04/18/15 Environment "This Precious Planet"
04/25/15 Economy "Learn From the Past"
05/02/15 Education "Expand Their Horizons" Address made from Anacostia Library
05/08/15 V-E Anniversary "The Hope of Peace"
05/16/15 Poverty "The Least of These"
05/23/15 Holidays "What We Must Do"
05/30/15 USA Freedom Act "Help Build Confidence"
06/06/15 Immigration "Seeking a Better Life"
06/13/15 Economy "To Write the Rules"
06/20/15 Economy "More Work to Do"
06/27/15 Affordable Care Act "A Right For All"
07/04/15 Holidays "The Creed That Binds Us"
07/11/15 Housing "The America I Love"
07/18/15 Iran Deal "On Questions of War"
07/25/15 Economy "Innovation and Fair Play"
08/01/15 Medicare/Medicaid "The Freedom to Live"
08/08/15 Voting Rights "Right to Cast Ballot"
08/15/15 Community Policing "Face These Issues Squarely"
08/22/15 Federal Budget "To Find Common Ground"
08/29/15 Climate Change "Our Wake-Up Call"
09/05/15 Holidays "The Values We Honor"
09/12/15 Education "Their Full Potential"
09/19/15 Federal Budget "Set Our Sights Higher"
09/26/15 Health "A Challenge We Can Solve"
10/03/15 Federal Budget "Planning for the Future"
10/10/15 TPP "We Are Writing the Rules"
10/17/15 Prison Reform "Earning Their Second Chance"
10/24/15 Environment "Our Common Home"
10/31/15 Prison Reform "Our Founding Ideal"
11/07/15 Affordable Care Act "Health Care in America"
11/14/15 Holidays "All Those Who Serve"
11/21/15 Syrian refugees "We Stand As One" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
11/25/15 Holidays "Joy and Gratitude"
12/05/15 San Bernardino "A Free and Open Society"
12/12/15 San Bernardino "A Powerful Message"
12/19/15 Year in Review "All of This Progress"
12/25/15 Holidays "A Timeless Tradition" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama

2016 edit

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Date Topic Title Notes
01/01/16 Weapons Reform "Unfinished Business"
01/09/16 Economy "Challenge and Change"
01/16/16 Economy "Profound Changes"
01/23/16 Affordable Care Act "Making a Difference"
01/30/16 Education; Economy "In the Years Ahead"
02/06/16 Environment "Face This Challenge"
02/13/16 Politics "A Politics of Hope" Address made from Springfield, Illinois
02/20/16 Cuban Relations "Focused on the Future"
02/27/16 ISIL "We Will Prevail"
03/05/16 Economy "Spirit of Innovation"
03/12/16 Nancy Reagan "An American Icon"
03/19/16 Merrick Garland "Work Hard and Deal Fairly"
03/26/16 Brussels Bombings "The Courage to Build"
04/02/16 Nuclear Safety Summit "Safe and Strong and Free" Address made from Nuclear Safety Summit
at Walter E. Washington Convention Center
04/09/16 Economy "Build on the Work"
04/16/16 Economy "Our Free Market Works"
04/30/16 Merrick Garland "Unimpeachable Qualifications"
05/07/16 Holidays "The Most Important Job"
05/14/16 Drug Abuse "The Strength to Recover" Given with singer/songwriter Macklemore
05/21/16 Overtime "The Chance to Get Ahead"
05/28/16 Holidays "Responsibility to Remember"
06/04/16 Economy "A Brighter Future for All"
06/11/16 Puerto Rico "Toward a Brighter Day"
06/18/16 Pulse Massacre "Be There for Each Other"
06/25/16 Stonewall Monument "An Arc of Progress"
07/02/16 Holidays "The Best of Who We Are"
07/09/16 Dallas Shooting "The Courage of Our Actions" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
07/16/16 Baton Rogue Shooting "The Capacity to Change"
07/23/16 Consumer Protection "What We're Fighting For" Given with Senator Elizabeth Warren
07/30/16 Merrick Garland "The Defining Difference" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden and
former federal judge Timothy K. Lewis
08/06/16 Summer Olympics "The Best of America"
08/13/16 Environment "Our Most Beautiful Spaces"
08/19/16 National Parks "To Have the Foresight"
08/27/16 Zika Virus "More Important Than Politics"
09/03/16 Holidays "The Legacy We Celebrate"
09/09/16 9/11 Anniversary "Our Shared Belief"
09/17/16 Obstructionism "The People We Elect"
09/24/16 The NMAAHC "A Fuller Account"
10/01/16 Workplace Policy "A Meaningful Difference"
10/08/16 Economy "Put Politics Aside"
10/15/16 Science "Into the Next Frontier"
10/22/16 Air Travel "Be a Force for Good"
10/29/16 Cancer Moonshot "The Ones We Can Save" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
11/05/16 Affordable Care Act "To Make the System Better"
11/12/16 Holidays "Courage and Humility"
11/19/16 Economy "The Immense Possibilities" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
11/24/16 Holidays "To Nurture and Protect"
12/03/16 Cures Act "To Work One More Time"
12/10/16 Affordable Care Act "Now Is the Time"
12/16/16 Economy "Fair and Open and Honest"
12/23/16 Holidays "Gift of the Holidays" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama
12/31/16 Holidays "Privilege of My Life"

2017 edit

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Date Topic Title Notes
01/07/17 Farewell Address "Our Own New Chapter"
01/14/17 Farewell Address "The Honor of My Life"