Bertram Atkey

English author, best remembered for his crime fiction magazine stories. Some of his works were filmed.


  • Easy Money: The Genuine Book of Henry Mitch, His Diligent Search for Other Folk's Wealth, and His Urgent Fear of the Feminine (1908)
  • Winnie O'Wynn and the Wolves Illus. by Leslie F. Benson (1921)
  • Folk of the Wild: A Book of the Forests, the Moors and the Mountains, of the Beasts of the Silent Places, Their Lives, Their Doings and Their Deaths (1907)
  • Hercules-Sportsman: An Entertainment (1922)
  • Harvest of Javelins: A Tale Out of the East (1923)
  • The Pyramid of Lead (1925)
  • The Man with Yellow Eyes
  • The House of Strange Victims
  • The Unknown Path: a Tale of Men, Women and Great Horses (1927)
  • The Escapes of Mr. Honey (1944)
  • Hobart Honey [SF]
  1. Back to Babylon (1916)
  2. Say It with Clubs (1916)
  3. The Pirate's Choice (1916)
  4. The Fifth of November (1916)
  5. The Misunderstanding with Louis XIV (1916)
  6. Mr. Honey Gets His Hun (1943)
  7. Mr. Honey Takes a Flyer in Chivalry (1943) a.k.a. The Fifteenth Pill: The Final Foray (1944)
  8. The Room of the Last Chance (1947)
  • The Escapes of Mr. Honey: An Entertainment Comprising the Curious Adventures of an English Author in the Gulfs of the Bygone (1944)

Works from periodicals

Longer works and series


  • After Dark (Short) (story) (1924)
  • The Secret Kingdom (novel "The Hidden Fire") (1925)

About Atkey

  • "Bertram Atkey" in "Who's Who—and Why," The Saturday Evening Post 1924 Nov 8


Some or all works by this author are in the public domain in the United States because they were published before January 1, 1929.

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