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Burt Green Wilder
Burt Green Wilder


  • On morphology and teleology, especially in the limbs of Mammalia. (short work) 1865 external scan
  • On the Nephila plumipes, 1866 (short work) external scan
  • "How my New Acquaintances spin" in The Atlantic Monthly, 18 (106) (August, 1866)
  • Human locomotion: how we stand, walk and run, 1871 (short work) external scan
  • Fingers and toes, 1871 (short work) external scan
  • Intermembral homologies: The correspondence of anterior and posterior limbs of vertebrates, 1871 (short work) external scan
  • Papers, chiefly anatomical, 1874 external scan
  • What young people should know. The reproductive function in man and the lower animals, 1875 external scan
  • Should comparative anatomy be included in a medical course? 1877 (short work) external scan
  • On the brain of Chimæra Monstrosa, 1877 external scan
  • The brain of the cat (Felis domestica). 1. Preliminary account of the gross anatomy, 1881 (short work) external scan
  • Anatomical technology as applied to the domestic cat; an introduction to human, veterinary, and comparative anatomy, 1882 external scan
  • Physiology practicums; explicit directions for examining portions of the cat, and the heart, eye, and brain of the sheep, as an aid in the study of elementary physiology, 1895 external scan
  • Brain: Anatomy [and] Brain: Methods of removing, preserving, dissecting and drawing, 1900 external scan
  • Brain, anatomical, 1901 external scan
  • Two examples of the negro's courage, physical and moral, 1906 (short work) external scan
  • Louis Agassiz, teacher, 1907 (short work) external scan
  • The Fifty-fifth Massachusetts volunteer infantry colored, 1917 part 1, part 2, 3rd

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