Author:Charles Harding Firth

Sir Charles Harding Firth
Fellow of the British Academy; Knight; Regius Professor Modern History, Oxford
This author wrote articles for the Dictionary of National Biography, and the list on this page is complete to 1901.
Articles written by this author are designated in the DNB by the initials "C. H. F."


  • Papers relating to Thomas Wentworth, first Earl of Strafford (1890) (external scan)
  • The memoirs of Edmund Ludlow, lieutenant-general of the horse in the army of the commonwealth of England, 1625-1672 (1894) in 2 vols. (external scans (multiple parts): 1, 2)
  • Scotland and the Commonwealth. Letters and papers relating to the military government of Scotland, from August 1651 to December, 1653 (1895) (external scan)
  • Scotland and the Protectorate. Letters and papers relating to the military government of Scotland from January 1654 to June 1659 (1899) (external scan)
  • Oliver Cromwell and the rule of the Puritans in England (1900) (external scan)
  • The narrative of General Venables, with an appendix of papers relating to the expedition to the West Indies and the conquest of Jamaica, 1654-1655 (1900) (external scan)
  • Cromwell's army : a history of the English soldier during the Civil Wars, the Commonwealth and the Protectorate (1902) (external scan)
  • Stuart tracts, 1603-1693 (1903) (external scan)
  • Notes on the diplomatic relations of England and France 1603-1688; lists of ambassadors from England to France and from France to England (1906) (external scan)
  • Naval songs and ballads (1908) (external scan)
  • Milton as an historian ([1908]) (external scan)
  • The School of English Language and Literature, a contribution to the history of Oxford studies (1909) (external scan)
  • The last years of the Protectorate, 1656-1658 (1909) in 2 vols. (external scans (multiple parts): 1, 2)
  • The House Of Lords During The Civil War (1910) (external scan)
  • English history in English poetry, from the French revolution to the death of Queen Victoria ([1911]) (external scan)
  • John Bunyan (1911) (external scan)
  • An American garland, being a collection of ballads relating to America, 1563-1759 (1915) (external scan)
  • (ed.)The Clarke papers. Selections from the papers of William Clarke, secretary to the Council of the Army, 1647-1649, and to General Monck and the commanders of the army in Scotland, 1651-1660 (1891)


  • A plea for the historical teaching of history; an inaugural lecture delivered on November 9, 1904 (1905) (external scan)
  • Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon as statesman historian and chancellor of the University : a lecture delivered on February 18, 1909 (1909) (external scan)
  • The parallel between the English and American civil wars. The Rede lecture delivered in the Senate House, Cambridge, on 14 June 1910 (1910)

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1885-1900 volumes
1st supplement
2nd supplement

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