Author:Cleveland Moffett

Cleveland Moffett
American journalist, author, and playwright. His mystery short The Mysterious Card had the novelty of not revealing the answer to the puzzle posed, thereby gaining widespread attention; it was followed up a year later by The Mysterious Card Revealed


  • True Detective Stories from the Archives of the Pinkertons (1897) Non-fiction PG
  • Real Detective Stories (1898)
  • Careers of Danger and Daring (1901) PG
  • Money Talks (1905)
  • Esther Frear (1906) with Félicien Pascal
  • Playing the Game(1906), with Hartley Davis
  • A King in Rags (1907)
  • The Battle (1908)
  • Through the Wall (1909) PG
  • Greater Than the Law (1912)
  • The Bishop's Purse (1913) with Oliver Herford
  • The Conquest of America: A Romance of Disaster and Recovery, U.S.A., 1921 A.D. (1916) PG
  • Possessed (1920) PG
  • Glint of Wings; the story of a modern girl who wanted her liberty—and got it (1922), with Virginia Hall
  • The Seine mystery (1925)


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