Author:Edward Theodore Withington

Edward Theodore Withington

British physician and medical historian


  • Medical History from Earliest Times (1894) (IA)
  • "Medicine in Mediaeval Monastaries" in Medical Magazine (1896)
  • "Vampires" in Medical Magazine (1896)
  • "Philosophy of Galen" in Medical Magazine (1904)
  • "John Locke as a Medical Practitioner" in Janus (1909)
  • The History of Greek Therapeutics and the Malaria Theory (1909) (IA)
  • (ed. with Little) De Retardatione Accidentium Senectutis by Roger Bacon (1914)
  • "Galen, Plato, and Immortality" (1919)
  • "The Asclepiadea and the Priests of Aclepius" (1920) (IA)
  • (tr. with Jones) Hippocrates by Hippocrates in Loeb Classical Library (1928)
  • entries in A Greek-English Lexicon by Liddell, Scott et. al. (1940)

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