Author:Emilie Benson Knipe

Emilie Benson Knipe

American author, artist and illustrator. Initially, illustrated children's stories in magazines; later, many of her husband's Alden Arthur Knipe books. They co-authored many stories; some of which were published under pseudonyms. Many of their children's stories were first serialized in St. Nicholas Magazine.

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With Alden Arthur Knipe Edit

  • Little Miss Fales (1910) illust Frances Rogers
  • The Missing Pearls: Little Miss Fales Goes West (1911)
  • The Lucky Sixpence (1912) illus. Arthur B. Becher
  • Beatrice of Denewood: A Sequel to "The Lucky Sixpence" (1913) illus. C. M. Relyea
  • Remember Rhymes (1914) illust EBK
  • Peg o' the Ring: A Maid of Denewood (1915) illus. C. M. Relyea
  • A Maid of '76 (1915)
  • Polly Trotter, Patriot (1916) illust EBK
  • The Lost Little Lady (1917)
  • A Maid of Old Manhattan (1917)illust EBK
  • The Lost Little Lady (1917) illust EBK
  • Girls of '64 (1918) illust EBK
  • Vive La France: A Narrative Founded on the Diary of Jeannette de Martigny (1919; sl 1918-19 in St Nicholas) illust EBK
  • A Cavalier Maid (1919)
  • A Mayflower Maid (1920)
  • The Luck of Denewood (1921) illust C. M. Relyea
  • Diantha's Quest: A Tale of the Argonauts of '49 (1921)
  • The Flower of Fortune (1922) illust EBK
  • A Continental Dollar (1923)
  • Powder, Patches and Patty (1924)
  • The Shadow Captain (1928)
  • The Unknown Daughter (1929)
  • Silver Dice (1928)
  • A Patriot Maid, and Other Stories (1928)
  • The Treasure House (1930) illust Margaret Ayer
  • The Story of Old Ironsides (1935) (with AAK)

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