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Francis Randolph Packard
Francis Randolph Packard

Selected worksEdit

  • A healthy regiment, and the reason it was so (1898)
  • The care of sick and wounded in the Revolution (1899)
  • Early methods of medical education in North America (1899)
  • History of Medicine in the United States (1901)
  • The author of "Rab and his friends," Dr. John Brown, of Edinburgh (1903)
  • Early medical libraries in America: being an account of the origin and growth of the libraries of the Pennsylvania Hospital and of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia (1907)
  • Text-book of diseases of the nose, throat and ear for the use of students and general practitioners (1909)
  • A way of life: an address delivered to Yale students on the evening of Sunday, April 20th, 1913 (1913)
  • History of the School of Salernum, in The School of Salernum (1920)
  • Life and times of Ambroise Paré [Essay] (1921)
  • Guy Patin and the medical profession in Paris in the XVIIth century (1924)
  • History of Medicine in the United States (1931)
  • Some account of the Pennsylvania Hospital from its first rise to the beginning of the year 1938 (1938)
  • The Conquest of Surgical Pain (1940)
  • A great physician's contributions to scholarship and literature (1941)
  • Charter members of the Library Company (1942)
  • History of the Wistar Association (1945)
  • History of Medicine in the United States (1963)

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