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Howard Atwood Kelly

American academic and gynaecologist; on the founding staff of Johns Hopkins Hospital; contributed over 300 articles to medical journals

Howard Atwood Kelly

Works Edit

  • Operative Gynecology (2 vols., 1899)
  • The Vermiform Appendix and its Diseases (1905, 1909)
  • Walter Reed and Yellow Fever (1906, 1907)
  • Medical Gynecology (1908)
  • Gynecology and Abdominal Surgery, with C. P. Noble, (vol. 1, 1907; vol. 2, 1908)
  • Myomata of the Uterus, with T. S. Cullen (1909)
  • A Cyclopedia of American Medical Biography (1912)
  • American Medical Botanists (1913)
  • Diseases of the Kidneys, Ureters, and Bladder, with C. F. Burnam, (2 vols. 1914)
  • American Medical Biographies, with Walter L. Burrage (1920)
  • Dictionary of American medical biography; lives of eminent physicians of the United States and Canada, from the earliest times with Walter L. Burrage (1928)
  • Electrosurgery with Grant E. Ward (1932)

American Medical Biographies entries Edit


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