American Medical Biographies/Hupp, John Cox

Hupp, John Cox (1819–1908).

John Cox Hupp, skilled physician and public servant of unusual breadth of view and numerous interests, was born in Donegal, Washington County, Pennsylvania, November 24, 1819, son of John and Ann Cox Hupp. His grandfather was John Hupp, pioneer, who was killed while defending Miller's Block-House in Washington County, Pennsylvania, on Easter Sunday, 1782. His great grandfather was Colonel Isaac Cox, whose activities in the Revolutionary War are well known in western Pennsylvania.

Young Hupp was educated at West Alexander Academy and at Washington College, graduating in 1844; he studied medicine with F. J. LeMoyne and graduated at Jefferson Medical College in 1847, settling to practise in Wheeling, West Virginia, which remained his home the rest of his life. He was a founder of the medical society of the state of West Virginia; in 1870 he brought chloral hydrate to the notice of the physicians of Wheeling. His interest in education led him to make a successful effort to bring free-school privileges to the negro children of Wheeling.

He witnessed the cremation of Baron de Palm at Washington, Pennsylvania, September 4, 1876.

His writings include: "Placenta Praevia" (1863); "Vaccination and Its Protecting Powers" (1870); "Chloral in Puerperal Insanity" (1870; "Ruptured Uterus" (1874); "Encephaloid Abdominal Tumor" (1875). He wrote a "Biographical Sketch of Joseph Thoburn, M. D.," at the request of the physicians of Wheeling, in 1865; in 1870 he offered a memorial before the West Virginia Legislature, on the establishment of the office of the state geologist, and in 1877 a memorial on the establishment of a state board of health.

Dr. Hupp was physician to the Ohio County Almshouse in 1850, and in 1863 was appointed physician to the prisoners of the United States District Court; in 1864 he was physician and secretary to the Wheeling Board of Health; in 1869 he served as secretary of the Section on Practice of Medicine and Obstetrics of the American Medical Association, and was state vaccine commissioner, from the formation of the Commonwealth until 1883.

In 1853 he married Carolene Louisa, daughter of A. S. Todd (q. v.). Dr. Frank LeMoyne Hupp, eminent physician of Wheeling, was their son.

Dr. Hupp died November 19, 1908, of senile myocarditis.