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Francis William Reitz
South African lawyer, politician, statesman, publicist and poet; member of parliament of the Cape Colony; Chief Justice and fifth State President of the Orange Free State; State Secretary of the South African Republic at the time of the Second Boer War; and the first president of the Senate of the Union of South Africa
Francis William Reitz


(List incomplete)[1]

Afrikaans and Dutch languageEdit

  • Reitz, F.W., Hoofregter Reitz over het barbaarsche patois (Paarl 1880).
    [Chief Justice Reitz about the barbarian patois]
  • Reitz, F.W., 'De Taalkwestie', De Express and Zuid-Afrikaansch Tijdschrift, Sept. 1891.
    [The language question]
  • Reitz, F.W., 'De Hollandsche taal in Zuid-Afrika', De Zuid-Afrikaan, 13 March 1909.
    [The Dutch language in South Africa]


  • Reitz, F.W., 'Opvoeding en onderwijs: een toespraak ... in het Victoria College, Stellenbosch op 15 Junie 1888', Zuid-Afrikaansch Tijdschrift (July 1888).
    [Raising and education: a speech ... in Victoria College, Stellenbosch]


  • Reitz, F.W., 'Schetsen uit die Oranje Vrijstaat', Zuid-Afrikaansch Tijdschrift (December 1890).
    [Sketches from the Orange Free State]
  • Reitz, F.W. , Brief van den heer F.W. Reitz ... aan den heer P.J. Blignaut ... (Dordrecht: Morks & Geuze [c. 1900]), 12p. [Letter of F.W. Reitz to P.J. Blignaut]
  • Reitz, F.W. & M.T. Steyn, President Marthinus Theunis Steyn, Mannen en vrouwen van beteekenis in onze dagen 33 (Haarlem 1903).
  • Hofmeyr, J.H. & F.W. Reitz, Het leven van Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr (Onze Jan) (Cape Town: Van de Sandt de Villiers 1913), xii, 666p.
  • Hofmeyr, J.H. & F.W. Reitz, The life of Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr (Onze Jan) (Cape Town: Van de Sandt de Villiers 1913), xii, 666p.


  • Reitz, F.W., translator of Jorissen, E.J.P., Transvaalsche herinneringen (Amsterdam 1897) as Reminiscences of a Transvaal judge. Never published, due to the outbreak of the South African War (Second Anglo-Boer War).
  • Reitz, F.W., translator of Theal, G.M., Korte geschiedenis van Zuid-Afrika 1486-1835 (Cape Town 1891).
    [Short history of South Africa 1486-1835]

A Century of Wrong

At the advent of the South African War (Second Anglo-Boer War), F.W. Reitz, in his capacity of State Secretary of the South African Republic, published an overview of Anglo-Boer relations in the nineteenth century in Dutch, under the title Eene eeuw van onrecht. The book provides important information on events leading up to the war.

The actual authorship of the book is unclear. The second Dutch edition of the book carried the text 'Op last van den staatssekretaris der Z.A.R., F.W. Reitz' ('By order of the State Secretary of the S.A.R., F.W. Reitz'). J.C. Smuts is indicated as author, but probably only edited the introduction and the end of the book, in collaboration with the historian E.J.P. Jorissen. The rest of the text was probably prepared by J. de Villiers Roos.[2]

In 1900, translations appeared in German and English. The English translation, reproduced here, only carried the name of Reitz, and has a preface by W.T. Stead. The English edition contained more material than the original Dutch edition (see number of pages).

  • Reitz, F.W., [J. de Villiers Roos, J.C. Smuts, E.J.P. Jorissen,] Eene eeuw van onrecht (Pretoria [1899]), 49p.
  • Reitz, F.W., [J. de Villiers Roos, J.C. Smuts, E.J.P. Jorissen,] Ein Jahrhundert voller Unrecht: ein Rückblick auf die süd-afrikanische Politik Englands: autorisierte Uebersetzung aus dem Holländischen, veröffentlicht auf Veranlassung und unter Mitwirkung von F.W. Reitz (Berlin: Walther 1900), 96p.
  • Reitz, F.W., [J. de Villiers Roos, J.C. Smuts, E.J.P. Jorissen,] A Century of Wrong, Issued by F. W. Reitz ... With preface by W. T. Stead (London: Review of Reviews [1900]), xxiii, 152p.[3]


  • Reitz, F.W., Klaas Gezwint en zijn paert and other songs and rijmpies of South Africa (Cape Town 1884)
  • Reitz, F.W. (ed), Vijftig uitgesogte Afrikaansche gedigte (Cape Town 1888)
    [Fifty selected Afrikaner poems]
    Second edition: Sestig uitgesogte Afrikaansche gedigte (Cape Town 1897);
    Third edition: Twee-en-Sestig uitgesogte Afrikaansche gedigte (Cape Town 1898)
  • Reitz, F.W., Oorlogs- en andere gedigte (Potchefstroom 1910, 1911)
    [War and other poems]


Some or all works by this author are in the public domain in the United States because they were published before January 1, 1924.

The author died in 1934, so works by this author are also in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author's life plus 80 years or less. Works by this author may also be in the public domain in countries and areas with longer native copyright terms that apply the rule of the shorter term to foreign works.

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