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George Gibbard Jackson


  • Steamships, their history and deeds (1923)
  • All about our British railways (1923)
  • The book of the locomotive (1924)
  • British locomotives (1924)
  • The world's railways (1927)
  • The ship under steam (1928)
  • British railways (1930)
  • Hobbies for boys (1930)
  • The romance of the submarine (1930)
  • Triumphs and wonders of modern engineering (1930)
  • The book of the ship (1930)
  • The romance of exploration (1930)
  • The world's aeroplanes and airships (1930)
  • The romance of the sea (1930)
  • From post boy to air mail (1930)
  • The book of the air (1930)
  • Past times and sports for boys (1931)
  • Ships, seas and sailors (1933)
  • Twenty-six flying stories (1933)
  • From track to highway (1935)
  • The splendid book of locomotives (c.1929) (external scan)
  • The splendid book of steamships (c. 1929) (external scan)
  • The splendid book of engineering (date?) (external scan)
  • The splendid book of the Army and the Air Force (date?)
  • Travel ways: by land sea and air (date?)
  • Trains and their story (date?)

Some or all works by this author are in the public domain in the United States because they were published before January 1, 1924. They may be copyrighted outside the U.S. (see Help:Public domain). However, works published before 1924 may be in the public domain in countries where they would ordinarily be copyrighted (due to the term of 70 years [or less] after the author's death having not yet expired) but whose legislature has waived copyright by accepting the rule of the shorter term.