Author:George Gilbert Aimé Murray

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George Gilbert Aimé Murray

Anglo-Australian classical scholar and public intellectual

George Gilbert Aimé Murray

Works edit

Classical studies
  • Gobi or Shamo (1889) novel
  • Carlyon Sahib (1899), play
  • Liberalism and the Empire: Three Essays (1900) with Francis W. Hirst and John L. Hammond
  • Thoughts on the War (1914) pamphlet
  • The Foreign Policy of Sir Edward Grey, 1906–1915 (1915), online text
  • The International Crisis in Its Ethical and Psychological Aspects (1915) with others
  • How Can War Ever Be Right? Oxford Pamphlets No 18/Ist Krieg je berechtigt?/La guerre. Peut-elle jamais se justifier? (1915)
  • Impressions of Scandinavia in War Time (1916) pamphlet, reprint from the Westminster Gazette
  • The United States and the War (1916) pamphlet
  • The Way Forward: Three Articles on Liberal Policy (1917) pamphlet
  • Great Britain's Sea Policy - A Reply to an American Critic (1917) pamphlet, reprinted from The Atlantic Monthly
  • Faith, War and Policy (1917)
  • Religio Grammatici: The Religion Of A Man Of Letters (1918) Presidential Address to the Classical Association 8 January 1918.
  • The League of Nations and the democratic idea (1918)
  • Foreword to My mission to London 1912–1914 by Prince Lichnowsky, the German ambassador in London who had warned Berlin that Britain would fight in August 1914. Cassel & Co. London. (1918)
  • Satanism and the World Order (1920) Adamson Lecture
  • The League and Its Guarantees (1920) League of Nations Union pamphlet
  • Essays and Addresses (1921)
  • The Problem of Foreign Policy: A Consideration of Present Dangers and the Best Methods for Meeting Them (1921)
  • Tradition and Progress (1922)

Translations edit

Plays of Euripides
The Oresteia

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