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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Murray, George Gilbert Aimé

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Murray, George Gilbert Aimé, M.A., son of Sir Terence Aubrey Murray (q.v.), by Agnes, third daughter of John Edwards, of Fairlawn House, Hammersmith, was born in 1866 at Sydney, and educated at Merchant Taylors' School, from which he was elected to a scholarship at St. John's College, Oxford, in 1884. At the University he was Hertford (Latin) Scholar, and Ireland Scholar, and first class in classical moderations in 1885. The next year he won the Craven University Scholarship, the Chancellor's prize for Latin verse, and the Gaisford Greek verse prize. In 1887 he won the Gaisford Greek prose prize, was first class in the Final Schools in Trinity term 1888, and was Derby Scholar in 1889. The Derby Scholarship, founded in memory of the late Earl of Derby, who was Chancellor of the University, is £157 a year, and candidates must have fulfilled the following conditions: viz., obtained (1) a first class in Classical Moderations; (2) a first class in the Final Classical School, or a second class in the Final Classical School, together with two of the three Chancellor's prizes (Latin verse, Latin essay, English essay); (3) two out of the three Classical University Scholarships (the Hertford, Ireland, and Craven Scholarships). He was offered Fellowships at three colleges; but elected to be Fellow of New College. Subsequently he was appointed Professor of Greek at Glasgow University in succession to Professor R. C. Jebb, now Professor of Greek at Cambridge, and in competition with Dr. Verrall, of Trinity College, Cambridge, and some of the most distinguished scholars of the day. He married Hon. Mary Henrietta Howard, eldest daughter of Right Hon. George James, 9th Earl of Carlisle, by Rosalind Frances, youngest daughter of Edward John, 2nd Lord Stanley of Alderley. Professor Murray published in 1890 "Gobi or Shamo; a Story of Three Songs."