Author:Hartley Withers

Hartley Withers

American writer on financial affairs


  • The Cathedral Church of Canterbury (1896) (external scan)
  • The English and the Dutch in South Africa (1896)
  • The Meaning of Money (1909) (external scan)
  • Stocks and Shares (New York: Dutton, 1910) (external scan)
  • "The English Banking System" in The English Banking System by National Monetary Commission (1910) (external scan)
  • Money Changing: An Introduction to Foreign Exchange (1913) (external scan)
  • Poverty and Waste (1914) (external scan)
  • War and Lombard Street (1915) (external scan)
  • War and Self Denial (1915) (external scan)
  • International Finance (1916) (external scan)
  • Our Money and the State (1917) (external scan)
  • The Business of Finance (1918) (external scan)
  • The Financial Aspect of a League of Nations (external scan)
  • The League of Nations; Its Economic Aspect (1918) (external scan)
  • War-time Financial Problems (1919) (external scan)
  • The Case for Capitalism (1920) (external scan)
  • Bankers and Credit (1924)
  • Hints about Investing (1926)
  • Money (1927)
  • The Quicksands of the City and a Way Through for Investors (1930)
  • Everybody's Business (1931)
  • Money in the Melting Pot (1932)
  • The Douglas Credit Proposals: A Criticism (1932)
  • National provincial bank, 1833 to 1933 (1933)
  • Investing Simplified (1934)
  • The Way to Wealth (1935)
  • The Defeat of Poverty (1939)
  • Pioneers of British Life Insurance (1951)
  • "Capitalism," in Encyclopædia Britannica (12th ed., 1922)

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