Author:Helen Leah Reed

Helen Leah Reed
American teacher and author; a graduate of Radcliffe College: known for her children's books, which were entertaining as well as educative, the best remembered being her Brenda series of novels.




  1. Brenda, Her School and Her Club (1900) illus. Jessie Willcox Smith Project Gutenberg
  2. Brenda's Summer at Rockley (1901) illus. Jessie Willcox Smith
  3. Brenda's Cousin at Radcliffe (1902) Project Gutenberg
  4. Brenda's Bargain: A Story for Girls (1903) Project Gutenberg
  5. Amy in Acadia: A Story for Girls (1905) illus. Katharine Pyle Project Gutenberg
  6. Brenda's Ward: A Sequel to Amy and Acadia (1906) Project Gutenberg



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