Author:Henry Thomas Colebrooke

Henry Thomas Colebrooke

English official in India; wrote works on Indian culture, language and botany. President of the Astronomical Society, prime mover of the Royal Asiatic society.

Henry Thomas Colebrooke




  • Remarks on the Present State of Husbandry and Commerce in Bengal (1795) [1]
  • A Digest of Hindu Law on Contracts and Successions, with a Commentary by Jagannatha Tercapanchanana (1798) translated from the original Sanskrit, in 4 vols. [2]
  • A Grammar of the Sanskrit Language, vol. i. (1805)
  • The Amera Cosha, a Sanskrit Lexicon, with marginal translations (1808)
  • Two Treatises on the Hindu Law of Inheritance (1810) (transcription project)
  • Algebra, with Arithmetic and Mensuration, from the Sanskrit of Bramegupta, and Bhascara, preceded by a Dissertation on the State of Science as known to the Hindus (1817) (transcription project)
  • On Import of Colonial Corn (1818)
  • Treatise on Obligations and Contracts, part i. (1818)
  • The Sankhya Karika (1837), translated from the Sanskrit (published posthumously by Professor H. H. Wilson)
  • Miscellaneous Essays. [3]
  • On the Religion and Philosophy of the Hindus.

Articles in 'Memoirs of the Astronomical Society'

  • Address on presenting the Gold Medal of the Astronomical Society to Charles Babbage, in "Memoirs of the Astronomical Society" 1 (1825), pp. 509-12

Articles in 'Transactions of the Linnaean Society of London'


Articles in 'Asiatic Researches'

  • On the Duties of a Faithful Hindu Widow (1795)
  • Enumeration of Indian Classes (1798)
  • Indian Weights and Measures (1798)
  • On the Religious Ceremonies of the Hindus three essays, (1798-1801)
  • Inscription on the Lat of Firuz Shah (1801)
  • On the Origin and peculiar Tenets of certain Muhanrmedan Sects (1801)
  • On the Sanskrit and Pracrit Languages (1801)
  • On the Vedas (1805)
  • On a Species of Ox named Gayal (1805)
  • On the Sect of Jains (1807)
  • On the Indian and Arabian Divisions of the Zodiac (1807)
  • On Olibanum or Frankincense (1807)
  • On Ancient Monuments with Hindu Inscriptions (1807)
  • On Sanskrit and Pracrit Poetry (1808)
  • On the Sources of the Ganges (1810)
  • On the Notions of Hindu Astronomers concerning the Procession of the Equinoxes and Motions of the Planets (1816)
  • On the Height of the Himalayas (1816)
  • On the Camphor Tree (1816)

Articles in the 'Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society'

  • A Discourse at the first General Meeting (1823)
  • On the Philosophy of the Hindus five parts, (1823-7)
  • On Inscriptions in South Bihar (1824)
  • Three Grants of Land (1824)
  • The Valley of the Setlej (1825)
  • Inscriptions of the Jaina Sect in South Bihar (1826)
  • On Hindu Courts of Justice (1828)

Articles in the 'Quarterly Journal of Science'

  • On the Height of the Himalaya Mountains (1819, 1821)
  • On Fluidity (1820)
  • Meteorological Observations on the Atlantic (1823)
  • On the Climate of South Africa (1823)

Articles in the 'Transactions of the Geological Society'

  • On the Valley of the Setlej River (1820)
  • On the Geology of the Northeastern Border of Bengal (1821)


  • Narrative of a Journey from Mirzapiir to Nagpiir, anonymous ('Asiatic Ann. Register', 1806)
  • On the Origin of Caste (published in the 'Life')
  • Reply to attack of Mr. Bentley ('Asiatic Journal', 1826)
  • On Dichotomous and Quinary Arrangements in Natural History ('Zoological Journal', 1828).

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