Author:Herbert Jennings Rose

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Herbert Jennings Rose

Professor Latin at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth (1919–1927); Professor of Greek at the University of St Andrews. Made a fellow of the British Academy from 1934


  • A Handbook of Greek Mythology, (1928)
  • Modern Methods in Classical Mythology, (St. Andrews) 1930;
  • A Handbook of Greek Literature from Homer to Lucian, 1934;
  • Hygini Fabulae, 1934;
  • A Handbook of Latin Literature, (1954)
  • Primitive Culture in Greece, (London, 1925)
  • Primitive Culture in Italy, (London, 1926; reprint 1971)
  • A Handbook of Greek Mythology, (1929; sixth reprint 1958)
  • Ancient Greek Religion, (London, 1948)
  • Ancient Roman Religion, (London, 1949)
  • Gods and Heroes of the Greeks, (London, 1957; many reprints)
  • A Commentary on the surviving plays of Aeschylus, 1957-8
  • Outline of Classical Literature for Students of English, (1959)

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