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Hugh Peters
English preacher, political advisor and soldier
Hugh Peters


  • The Advice of that Worthy Commander Sir Edward Harwood upon occasion of the French King's Preparations … Also a relation of his life and death’ (the relation is by Peters) (1642))
  • A True Relation of the passages of God's Providence in a voyage for Ireland … wherein every day's work is set down faithfully by H. P., an eye-witness thereof (1642)
  • Preface to "Church Government and Church Covenant discussed" (1643), by Richard Mather
  • Mr. Peter's Report from the Armies, 26 July 1645, with a list of the chiefest officers taken at Bridgewater (1645)
  • Mr. Peter's report from Bristol (1645)
  • The Full and Last Relation of all things concerning Basing House, with divers other Passages represented to Mr. Speaker and divers Members in the House. By Mr. Peters who came from Lieut.-Gen. Cromwell (1645)
  • Master Peter's Message from Sir Thomas Fairfax with the narration of the taking of Dartmouth (1646}
  • Master Peter's Message from Sir Thomas Fairfax … with the whole state of the west and all the particulars about the disbanding of the Prince and Sir Ralph Hopton's Army (1646)
  • God's Doings and Man's Duty, opened in a sermon preached 2 April (1646)
  • Mr. Peter's Last Report of the English Wars, occasioned by the importunity of a Friend pressing an Answer to seven Queries (1646)
  • Several Propositions presented to the House of Commons by Mr. Peters concerning the Presbyterian Ministers of this Kingdom, with the discovery of two great Plots against the Parliament of England (1646)
  • A Word for the Army and Two Words for the Kingdom (1647)
  • Good Work for a good Magistrate, or a short cut to great quiet, by honest, homely, plain English hints given from Scripture, reason, and experience for the regulating of most cases in this Commonwealth, by H. P. (1651)
  • A preface to "The Little Horn's Doom and Downfall" by Mary Cary (1651)
  • Æternitati sacrum Terrenum quod habuit sub hoc pulvere deposuit Henricus Ireton, Latin verses on Henry Ireton's death (1650)
  • Dedication to ‘Operum Gulielmi Amesii volumen primum (1658)
  • A Dying Father's Last Legacy to an only Child, or Mr. Hugh Peter's advice to his daughter, written by his own hand during his late imprisonment (1660)
  • The Case of Mr. Hugh Peters impartially communicated to the view and censure of the whole world, written by his own hand (1660)
  • A Sermon by Hugh Peters preached before his death, as it was taken by a faithful hand, and now published for public information (1660)

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