Author:James Beardsley Hendryx

James Beardsley Hendryx
American pulp writer and cowboy. Best remembered for his adventure novels and westerns, especially those set in the Canadian and Alaskan wilderness, especially the Halfaday Creek series. Wrote as: James B. Hendryx


(partial list)

  • The Promise: A tale of the great Northwest (1915) PG
  • The Gun-Brand (1917) PG
  • The Texan (1918) PG; IA
  • The Gold Girl (1920) PG
  • Prairie Flowers (1920) PG
  • The Challenge Of the North (1922) PG
  • Snowdrift: A Tale of the Land of the Strong Cold (1922) PG
  • North (1923)
  • Without Gloves (1924)
  • At the Foot of the Rainbow (1924)
  • Downey Of the Mounted (1925)
  • Man Of the North (1929)
  • Corporal Downey Takes the Trail (1931)
  • The Yukon Kid (1934)
  • Blood Of the North (1938)
  • Devil's Gold (1939)
  • Gambler's Chance (1941)
  • The Way Of the North (1945)
  • Courage Of the North (1946)
  • The Stampeders (1951)
  • The Long Chase
  • Raw Gold
  • Blood On the Yukon Trail
  • Grubstake Gold
  • Oak and Iron


Connie Morgan seriesEdit

Halfaday Creek seriesEdit

  • Outlaws Of Halfaday Creek (1935)
  • Black John Of Halfaday Creek (1939)
  • The Czar Of Halfaday Creek (1940)
  • Black John Invokes the Gods (short story, 1944)

Short stories from magazinesEdit


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