Author:James Howell

James Howell
Anglo-Welsh historian and writer
James Howell


  • Δενδρολογ: Dodona's Grove, or the Vocall Forest (1640)
  • Instructions for Forreine Travel (1642)
  • Casual Discourses and Interlocutions between Patricius and Peregrine touching the Distractions of the Times (1643)
  • A Discourse or Parly continued betwixt Patricius and Peregrine upon their landing in France, touching the civill wars of England and Ireland (1643)
  • Mercurius Hibernicus (1644)
  • Vindication of some passages reflecting upon him (1644)
  • Preeminence and Pedigree of Parliaments (1644)
  • Epistolae Ho-Elianae; The Familiar Letters of James Howell, Historiographer Royal to Charles II (1645-1650)
    • Two-volume 1892 edition, edited, annotated and indexed by Joseph Jacobs (external scans (multiple parts): 1, 2)
  • England's Tears for the present Wars (1646)
  • A sober and seasonable memorandum sent to Philip, Earl of Pembroke (1646)
  • S.P.Q.V. A Survey of the Seignorie of Venice (1651)
  • Some sober Inspections made into the carriage and consults of the late Long Parliament (1653)
  • Londinopolis. An Historical Discourse; or, Perlustration of the City of London and Westminster (1657)
  • England's Joy Expressed … to Monck (1660)
  • Twelve Treatises of the Later Revolutions (1661)
  • Cordial for the Cavaliers (1661)
  • Some sober Inspections made into those Ingredients that went to the composition of a late Cordial call'd A Cordial for the Cavaliers
  • A Nocturnal Progress, or a Perambulation of most Countries in Christendom, Performed in one night by strength of Imagination (1645)
  • Apologs or Fables Mythologized (1645)
  • Winter Dream (1649)
  • A Trance, or News from Hell (1649) `
  • A Vision, or Dialogue between the Soul and Body (1651)
  • Ah! Ha! Tumulus, Thalamus. Two counter poems,' one on the death of Edward Sackville, earl of Dorset, the other on the marriage of the Marquis of Dorchester, with `a bridal sonnet (1653)
  • Θηρολογια. The Parly of Beasts, or Morphandra, Queen of the Inchanted Iland (1660)
  • Lustra Ludovici, or the History of Lewis XIII, 1643)
  • An Account of the Deplorable State of England in 1647 (1647)
  • Bella Scot-Anglica. A Brief Account of all the Battles betwixt England and Scotland (1648)
  • The Instruments of a King … the Sword, Crown, and Sceptre (1648)
  • Inquisition after Blood to the Parliament (1649)
  • The German Diet on the Ballance of Europe (1653)
  • A Discourse of the Empire and of the Election of the King of the Romans (1658)
  • A Brief Character of the Low Countries (1660)
  • A Briefe Account of the Royal Matches … since the year 800 (1662)
  • Προεδρία βασιλική. Discourse concerning the Presidency of Kings (1664)
  • A Treatise concerning Ambassodors (1664)
  • Concerning the Surrender of Dunkirk, that it was done upon good grounds (1664)
  • Lexicon Tetraglotton, or an English-French-Italian-Spanish Dictionary (1659-60)
  • Proverbs or old Sayed Saws and Adages in English or the Saxon tongue, Italian, French, and Spanish: whereunto the British for their great antiquity and weight are added(1659)
  • New English Grammar … for Foreigners to learn English … (1662)
  • Another Grammar of the Spanish or Castilian toung, with some special remarks in the Portugues dialect (1662)
  • A French Grammar, a Dialogue consisting of all Gallicisms, with Additions of … Proverbs (1673)


  • The Vote, or a Poem presented to His Majesty for a New Year's Gift (1642)
  • Poems on severall Choice and Various Subjects occasionally composed by an eminent author (1663), edited by Payne Fisher

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  • St. Paul's late Progress upon Earth (1644), from the Italian;
  • A Venetian Looking-glass … touching the present Distempers in England (1648), from the Italian
  • An exact History of the late Revolutions in Naples (1650, by Alexandro Giraffi
  • The Process and Pleadings in the Court of Spain upon the death of Antony Ascham (1651), from the Spanish
  • History of the Jews (1652), by Josephus `
  • The Nuptials of Peleus and Thetis (1654), from the French
  • Paracelsus, his Aurora. … As also the Water-Stone of the Wise Men (1659)
  • Triumphant Chariot of Antimony (1661), by Basil Valentine
  • Archidoxis (1661), by Paracelsus

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