Author:James Oliver Curwood

James Oliver Curwood

American action-adventure writer and conservationist. Many of his books were adapted into films

James Oliver Curwood


  • The Great Lakes, and the vessels that plough them, 1909 (non-fiction) PG
  • The Danger Trail, 1910 PG
  • The Honor of the Big Snows, 1911 PG
  • Philip Steele of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police, 1911 PG
  • Flower of the North: A modern romance, 1912 PG
  • Isobel: A Romance of the Northern Trail, or, Icebound Hearts, 1913 PG
  • God's Country—and the Woman, 1915 PG
  • Thomas Jefferson Brown, 1915 non-fiction PG
  • The Hunted Woman, 1916 PG
  • The Grizzly King, 1916 PG
  • Baree, Son of Kazan, 1917 PG
  • The Courage of Marge O'Doone, 1918 PG
  • Nomads of the North, 1919 PG
  • The River's End; a new story of God's Country 1919 PG
  • Back to God's Country and Other Stories, 1920 short stories [1] PG
  • The Valley of Silent Men: A story of the three river country, 1920 PG
  • God's Country—The Trail to Happiness, 1921 PG IA
  • The Golden Snare, 1921 PG
  • The Flaming Forest, 1921 PG
  • The Country Beyond; A romance of the wilderness 1922 PG
  • The Alaskan, 1923 PG
  • A Gentleman of Courage, 1923 PG

Stories from magazinesEdit

  • "Captain of the Christopher Duggan", (ss) Munsey’s May 1905
  • "Lake Breed," (ss) Munsey’s Nov 1906
  • "Captain Kidd of the Underground," (ss) Cosmopolitan Jun 1907
  • "Bannockburn Widow," (ss) Cosmopolitan May 1907
  • "Piratical Lover of Tow Number Two," (ss) Munsey’s Feb 1907
  • "Salvage," (ss) Munsey’s May 1907
  • "Amateur Pirates," (ss) Cosmopolitan Jun 1908
  • "Fight for Life," (ss) Munsey’s Nov 1909
  • "Honor of the Big Snows," (ss) Munsey’s Aug 1910
  • "His First Penitent," (ss) Munsey’s Aug 1911
  • "Jim Falkner, Pirate," (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Sep 2 1911
  • "Lawless Godliness of Billy Smoke," (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Dec 23 1911
  • "Thomas Jefferson Brown," (ss) Munsey’s Jul 1911
  • "Strength of Men," (ss) Collier’s Feb 17 1912
  • "Oko-Kan, the Bull Moose," (ss) Munsey’s Oct 1912
  • "Beloved Murderer," (ss) Munsey’s Jan 1913
  • "Fiddling Man," (ss) Every Week Apr 16 1917
  • "Jacqueline," (ss) Good Housekeeping Aug 1918
  • "Wapi, the Walrus," (sl) Good Housekeeping Nov, Dec 1918
  • "Honor and the Outlaw," (ss) Cosmopolitan Sep 1921
  • "Country Beyond," (ss) Cosmopolitan Jul 1921
  • "Jolly Roger of the Forests," (ss) Cosmopolitan Aug 1921
  • "Message to His Master," (ss) Cosmopolitan Oct 1921
  • When the Gray Geese Race, (ss) Cosmopolitan Nov 1923
  • Where the Lean Wolves Inin, (ss) Cosmopolitan Aug 1923
  • Broken Man, (ss) Cosmopolitan Dec 1923
  • Gentleman Comes to Five Fingers, (ss) Cosmopolitan Sep 1923
  • Gentleman of Courage, (ss) Cosmopolitan Oct 1923

About CurwoodEdit

  • Son of the Forests, an Autobiography: as completed by Dorothea A. Bryant (1930)
  • James Oliver Curwood, Disciple of the Wilds (1943), by Hobart Donald Swiggett PG

PG Available in electronic media at Project Gutenberg
  1. (Featuring the story "Wapi the Walrus", here renamed "Back to God's Country" following the release of the adapted 1919 film of the same title)


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