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Robert Laurence Binyon
English poet, dramatist, and art scholar
This author wrote articles for the Dictionary of National Biography, and the list on this page is complete to 1901.
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This author wrote articles for the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica.
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Robert Laurence Binyon


Poems and verseEdit

  • Lyric Poems (1894)
  • Porphyrion and other Poems (1898)
  • Odes (1901)
  • Death of Adam and Other Poems (1904)
  • London Visions (1908)
  • England and Other Poems (1909)
  • "For the Fallen"
  • Winnowing Fan (1914)
  • The Anvil (1916)
  • The Cause (1917)
  • The New World: Poems (1918)
  • The Idols (1928)
  • Collected Poems Vol 1: London Visions, Narrative Poems, Translations. (1931)
  • Collected Poems Vol 2: Lyrical Poems. (1931)
  • The North Star and Other Poems (1941)
  • The Burning of the Leaves and Other Poems (1944)
  • The Madness of Merlin (1947)



  • For Dauntless France (1918) (War memoir)



  • Brief Candles (Richard III's life as a verse-drama)
  • Godstow Nunnery: Play
  • Boadicea; A Play in eight Scenes
  • Attila: a Tragedy in Four Acts
  • Ayuli: a Play in three Acts and an Epilogue
  • Sophro the Wise: a Play for Children

English arts & mythEdit

  • Dutch Etchers of the Seventeenth Century (1895)
  • John Crone and John Sell Cotmanin (1897)
  • William Blake: Being all his Woodcuts Photographically Reproduced in Facsimile (1902)
  • English metal work: ninety-three drawings with William Twopeny (1904)
  • English Poetry in its relation to painting and the other arts (1918)
  • Drawings and Engravings of William Blake (1922)
  • Arthur: A Tragedy (1923)
  • The Followers of William Blake (1925)
  • The Engraved Designs of William Blake (1926)
  • Landscape in English Art and Poetry (1931)
  • English Watercolours (1933)
  • Gerard Hopkins and his influence (1939)
  • Art and freedom (1939)

Japanese & Persian artsEdit

  • Painting in the Far East (1908)
  • Japanese Art (1909)
  • Flight of the Dragon (1911)
  • The Court Painters of the Grand Moguls (1921)
  • Japanese Colour Prints (1923)
  • The Poems of Nizami (1928) (Translation)
  • Persian Miniature Painting (1933)
  • The Spirit of Man in Asian Art (1936)

Contributions to the Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900Edit

Contributions to 1911 Encyclopædia BritannicaEdit

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