Author:Lionel Charles Knights

Lionel Charles Knights
Lionel Charles Knights was an English literary critic, an authority on Shakespeare and his period. He became King Edward VII Professor of English Literature at the University of Cambridge in 1965.


  • How Many Children Had Lady Macbeth. An Essay in the Theory and Practice of Shakespeare Criticism (1933)
  • Drama & Society in the Age of Jonson (1937)
  • Explorations: Essays in Criticism Mainly On the Literature of the Seventeenth Century (1946)
  • Poetry, Politics and the English Tradition (1954)
  • Some Shakespearean Themes (1959)
  • An Approach to 'Hamlet' (1960)
  • Shakespeare: The Histories (1962)
  • Further Explorations (1965)
  • Public Voices: Literature and Politics With Special Reference to the Seventeenth Century (1971)
  • Coleridge's Variety: Bicentennial Studies (1974) editor with John Beer
  • Explorations 3: Essays in Criticism (1976)
  • Selected Essays in Criticism (1981)
  • Regulated Hatred and Other Essays on Jane Austen, with D. W. Harding and Monica Lawlor



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