Author:Mandayam Osuri Tirunarayana Iyengar

Mandayam Osuri Tirunarayana Iyengar
Indian medical entomologist
Mandayam Osuri Tirunarayana Iyengar


A complete list of publications is provided in Iyengar & Gandhi (2009). Some major publications include:

  • Preliminary Report of a Malaria Survey of Calcutta, Indian Journal of Medical Research. Special Indian Science Congress Number, 1920, pp. 15-16.
  • A note on grappling tail-hooks in anopheline larvae. Indian J. Med. Res, 9:630-633,1922
  • On the biology of the flowers of Monochoria. J. Indian Bot. Soc, 170-173, April 1923
  • The anopheline fauna of a swamp in Bangalore. Indian J. Med. Res.,13:697-702,1926
  • Infestation of the human intestines by coprid beetles. Indian Med. Gaz., 63, 365-369, 1928.
  • The larva of Anopheles turkhudi. Indian J. Med. Res., 17:1189-1192, 1930
  • Filariasis in North Travancore. Indian J. Med. Res., 20, 671-672, 1933
  • Rat-flea survey in Peermade District, Travancore. Indian J. Med. Res., 21:723-730,1934
  • The identification of common rat-fleas of India. Indian J. Med. Res., 22:675-686,1935
  • Public health aspects of filariasis in India. Indian Med. Gaz, 72:300-307, 1937.
  • Naturalistic control of the breeding of Anopheles sundaicus by means of Eichomia cover. J. Malar. Inst. India, 6:309-310,1946.
  • Mosquitoes of the Maldive Islands. Bull. Ent. Res., 46:1-10, 1955. (with M.A.U. Menon).
  • Infection experiments with a fungus (Coelomomyces) which kills malarial mosquitoes. Science, 158, 526, 1967. with J.N. Couch and C.J. Umphlett)
  • Developmental Stages Of Filariae In Mosquitoes. 5th. Pacif. Comm. Tech. Pap., No. 104, 11 pages, 1957


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