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Eustace Robert Barton

Pen names: Robert Eustace, Eustace Robert Rawlings; an English doctor and author of mystery and crime fiction with a theme of scientific innovation. He often collaborated with other writers, notably L. T. Meade and Dorothy L. Sayers.

Works edit

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With L. T. Meade edit

  • The Gold Star Line (1900) short stories
    • as Stories of the Gold Star Line (1899, sl in Windsor magazine)
      • The Jewelled Cobra — The Cypher With the Human Key — The Rice-Paper Chart — In the Jaw of the Dog — The Yellow Flag — The Sacred Chank
  • The Sorceress of the Strand (1902-03, Strand magazine) short stories
    • Madame Sara — The Blood-Red Cross — The Face of the Abbot — The Talk of the Town — The Bloodstone — The Teeth of the Wolf
  • The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings (1899)
    • At The Edge Of The Crater — The Winged Assassin — The Swing Of The Pendulum — The Luck Of Pitsey Hall — Twenty Degrees — The Star Shaped Marks — The Iron Circlet — The Mystery Of The Strong Room — The Bloodhound — The Doom
  • The D Line 1899, Windsor magazine (short story)
  • "The Heart of a Mystery" (1901 sl, Windsor magazine)
    • Mademoiselle Delacourt — A Little Smoke — The Tiger's Claw — A Conjuring Trick — A Gallop with the Storm — The Lost Square
  • "The Toleration of Count Kinsky" (1904, Leslie's magazine) (short story)
  • "The Face in the Dark," (1903, Harmsworth London magazine) (short story)
  • Where the Air Quivered (1898)
  • A Master of Mysteries (1898)
    • The Mystery of the Circular Chamber — The Warder of the Door — The Mystery of the Felwyn Tunnel — The Eight-Mile Lock — How Siva Spoke — To Prove an Alibi
  • "The Secret of Emu Plain" (1898) (short story, sequel to Master of Mysteries) (Included in The Oracle of Maddox Street)
  • The Sanctuary Club (1900)
    • as Stories of the Sanctuary Club (1899 sl, Strand magazine)
      • The Health Chair — A Visible Sound — The Diana sapphire — East of North — 'A Handful of Ashes' — The Secret of the Prison House
  • Miss Florence Cusack mysteries (London Magazine, 1899-1901) librivox
    • Mr. Bovey's Unexpected Will (1899) — The Arrest of Captain Vandaleur (1899) — A Terrible Railway Ride (1900) — The Outside Ledge (1900) — Mrs. Reid's Terror (1901)
  • The Man Who Disappeared (1901 Dec, Strand magazine)
  • The Lost Square (1902)
  • The Oracle of Maddox Street (1904) short stories
    • The Dead Hand — Finger Tips — Sir Penn Caryll's Engagement — The D Line — Eyes of Terror — The Secret of Emu Plain — The Black Ball — The Best Brother-in-Law in the World — The Ruby Bracelet — The Love Adventures of Primrose Ward


Some or all works by this author are in the public domain in the United States because they were published before January 1, 1929.

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