Author:Robert Jere Black

Robert Jere Black
Jr.; American early pulp fiction writer, poet, and author
Robert Jere Black



  • The Killing of the Golden Goose (1934)


  • Chant Connubial, The Smart Set, Apr (1920)
  • Knight Errantry, The Smart Set, Sep (1920); sketch
  • Gilding the Lily, The Smart Set, Jul (1921); sketch
  • Lyonesse, Weird Tales, Dec (1928)
  • Masquerade, Weird Tales, Mar (1930)
  • The Pirate (or "The Eyrie"), Weird Tales, Aug (1930)
  • Chicken or Waffles?, Breezy Stories, Oct (1921)
  • Come and Get It, Battle Stories Sep (1929)
  • The Dentists Prayer, College Life, Dec (1928)
  • Flaming Youth, College Life, Oct (1928)
  • Just Bubbling Over, College Life, Sum (July) (1928) v. 5 #1
  • The Flighty Dollar, The Saturday Eventing Post, Sep 22 (1923)
  • Little Fires, Sweetheart Stories, Jan 3 (1928)
  • Melodies, Sweetheart Stories, Aug 13 (1929)
  • Serenade, Sweetheart Stories, Feb 28 (1928)
  • Altitude, The Parisienne Monthly Magazine, Dec (1920)
  • Old Stuff, The Parisienne Monthly Magazine, Oct (1920)

Short StoriesEdit

  • The Pseudo-Scientific Field, The Author and Journalist, May (1930)
  • The Pseudo-Scientific Field, Blood 'n Thunder Magazine (reprint), Summer (2005)

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