Author:Robert Williams Wood

Robert Williams Wood
American physicist and inventor
Robert Williams Wood


  • Physical Optics. (1905)
  • How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers and Other Wood-Cuts: A Revised Manual of Flornithology for Beginners (includes "Animal Anatomies") (1907)
  • "Note on the Theory of the Greenhouse". The London, Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science, Vol. 17, pp. 319–320. (1909)
  • Researches in physical optics (vol.1), with special reference to the radiation of electrons. (1913)
  • The Man Who Rocked the Earth, with Arthur Train (1915)
  • The Moon Maker. Garden City, with Arthur Train (sequel to The Man Who Rocked the Earth) (1916)
  • Researches in physical optics (vol.2), Resonance radiation and resonance spectra. (1919)
  • "The Photography of Sound Waves" in Popular Science Monthly, 57 (August 1900), pp. 354−364

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