Author:Stewart Edward White

Stewart Edward White

American author and spiritualist; his works were noted for the keen observance of the beauties of nature and human nature rendered in a plain-spoken style. Best remembered for the fiction and non-fiction books on the history of California, and the coming-of-age story Daniel Boone, Wilderness Scout (1926).

Stewart Edward White

Works edit

  • The Westerners (1901)
  • The Claim Jumpers (1901)
  • Conjurer's House (1903)
  • The Forest (1903)
  • Blazed Trail Stories(1904)
  • The Mountains (1904)
  • The Silent Places (1904) IA
  • The Pass (1906), with Samuel Hopkins Adams
  • Arizona Nights (1907) (parts published as individual short stories in McClure's Magazine 1906) IA
  • The Cabin (1910)
  • The Adventures of Bobby Orde (1911) juvenile IA
  • The Land of Footprints (1912)
  • African Camp Fires (1913)
  • Rediscovered Country (1915)
  • The Forty-Niners; a Chronicle of the California Trail and El Dorado (1918)
  • Simba (1918) IA
  • Daniel Boone, Wilderness Scout (1922)

Works from magazines edit

Longer Works
  • Arizona Nights in McClure's Magazine (series)
    • "Part I: Uncle Jim's Yarn: The Indian Story (1906 Jan)
    • "Part II: Windy Bill's Yarn: the emigrant Story (1906 Feb)
    • "Part III: The Cattleman's Yarn: The Remittance Man's Story (1906 March)
    • "Part IV: The Ranch Foreman's Yarn: The Cattle rustler's Story (1906 April)
    • "Part V: Cyclone Bill's Yarn: the Mining Camp Story" (1906 May)

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