Tom Curry

American pulp fiction writer

Works edit

Periodicals edit

  • Rays of Death (part 1) (Scientific Detective Monthly, April 1930 vol.01 no.04 pg. 340)
  • Poca Hauntus (G-Men, February 1937 vol.06 no.02 pg. 113)
  • Vaquero Guns [as Jackson Cole](Texas Ranger, April 1939 vol.08 no.02 pg. 13)
  • Land Office Loot (Popular Western, January 1941 vol.20 no.01 pg. 88)

Other edit

  • Chaparral Maruders (1939)
  • The Trail Blazers (1939)
  • The Buffolo Hunters (1940)
  • The Montanna Vigilantes (1941)
  • Frontier Massacre (1941)
  • Guns of Dodge City (1942)
  • Leadville Avengers (1942)
  • Blood on the Plains (1942)
  • Kit Carson's Way (1942)
  • Wagons to California (1944)
  • Guns of the Sioux (1945)
  • Riders of the Valley (1946)
  • Marshall of Wichita (1946)
  • Riding for Custer (1947)
  • Range of Doom (1966)
  • The Rio Kid Rides Again (1967)
  • Pards of Buffalo Bill (1968)
  • Outlaw Brand (1969)
  • Gunfighters Holiday (1971)
  • Drifter (1973)
  • On to Cheyenne (1976)


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