Author:W. H. Adams

W. H. Adams
(fl. 1880/fl. 1885)
United States amateur archaeologist; of Peoria, Illinois, USA


  • "Mounds in the Spoon River Valley, Illinois." (1880) Smithsonian Institution, Annual Report for 1879, pp. 368-73. Washington
  • "Mounds in Spoon River Valley" (1883) in Miscellaneous Papers Relating to Anthropology Smithsonian Institution, Annual Report for 1881, pp. 558-63. Washington.
  • "Mounds in Spoon River Valley, Illinois," (1885) Smithsonian Institution, Annual Report for 1883. pp. 835-38. Washington. (Reprint of Adams' 1883 report, with minor alterations).

Works about AdamsEdit

  • John P. Wilson "A Final Note on W. H. Adams", Central States Archaeological Journal, Vol. 11, No. 4 (October, 1964), pp. 146-153 JSTOR
    • includes copy-edited versions of original material by Adams


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