Author:William John Hopkins

William John Hopkins
American scientist and children's fiction author. Possibly best remembered for his children's books, including the whaling novel She Blows! and Sparm at That! (1922), and The Sandman series (1902-1908). Pen names: William Hopkins, William J. Hopkins, William John Hopkins.



  • The Clammer (1906) IA
  • The Airship Dragon-Fly (1906)
  • Old Harbor (1909) IA
  • The Meddlings of Eve (1910)
  • The Indian Book (1911) non-fiction? IA
  • Concerning Sally (1912) PG; IA
  • The Doers (1914) PG; IA
  • Burbury Stoke (1914)
  • The Clammer and the Submarine (1917) PG; IA

The Sandman seriesEdit

Magazine storiesEdit


  • Telephone Lines and Their Properties (1894) science IA
  • Preparatory Physics. A short course in the laboratory (1894) science
  • The Telephone; outlines of the development of transmitters and receivers (1898) science IA


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