Yi I

Korean Confucian scholar and educator, politician; nicknames include Yulgok (율곡) and Seokdam (석담).

Yi I

Books edit

  • Seonghakjipyo (성학집요 聖學輯要)
  • Geokmongyogyul (격몽요결 擊蒙要訣)
  • Donghomundap (동호문답 東湖問答)
  • Sohakjipju (소학집주)
  • Manunbongsa (만언봉사)
  • Gijasilgi (기자실기)
  • Gyungyunilgi (경연일기 經筵日記)
  • Suneon (순언 醇言)
  • Insimdosimseol (인심도심설)
  • Gimseeseupjeon (김시습전)


Some or all works by this author were published before January 1, 1929, and are in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago. Translations or editions published later may be copyrighted. Posthumous works may be copyrighted based on how long they have been published in certain countries and areas.

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