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'WATKINS, Morgan George, Kentchurch Rectory, Hereford.—Ex. Coll. Ox.; 2nd cl. Mod. 1854; B.A. (2nd cl. Lit. Hum.) 1856, M.A. 1859. 𝔡 1858. p 𝔭 1859 Worc. for Ex. R. of Kentchurch, Llangun, Dio. Heref. 1885 (𝔓, Ld Chan. two turns; E. Scudamore Lucas Esq. one turn; K.—T.R.C. 3407, av. 237l, Net 157l and Ho; Pop. 353; Ll. T.R.C. 77l. av. 53l; o.s. 43l; Gross Inc. 96l; Pop. 81). 𝔉 2nd Master of Gr. Sch. and C. Ottery St. M. 1858-61; R. of Barnoldby-le-Beck, Lincs. 1861-85; R.D. of Grimsby, Div. 2, 1881-85. Author and Editor, Introduction to a Treatuse on Fysshynge, by Dame Juliana Berners (reprint in facsimile of the ed. of 1496), 1880; Pictures of Bird Life in Pen and Pencil, 1881; In the Country (Essays), 1883; Gleanings from Natural History of the Ancients, 1885; The Worthies of Lincolnshire, 1885; St. John's Natural History and Wild Sports of the Highlands, 1893.


additional information ... Comfort in Sorrow, 1883 Collections towards the History and Antiquities of the County of Hereford, in the continuation of Duncomb's History; The Hundred of Huntington, 1897; The Hundred of Radlow, 1902