Author talk:Patrick Keary Cahill


  • Irish Independent 1905-current, Tuesday, May 29, 1928; Page: 2

Mr. Patrick Keary Cahill, the well-known. Dublin optician, died at his residence, 13 Wellington Quay, aged 75. A native of the city, he had been in business for over fifty years. The late Mr.-Cahill was appointed optician to Pope Leo XIII. in 1893, and to successive Pontiff's since, and possessed several autograph letters of appreciation from the Vatican. In his last illness he received a telegram of sympathy and conveying the Papal Benediction. The late Pope Pius X. bequeathed a pair of spectacles, supplied by Mr. Cahill, to his sister, Senora Sarto, who presented them, with a cordial testimonial to Mr. Cahill, who was also her optician. He had the honour of being received in private audience by Pope Pius X. and successors.