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Aviation Accident Report: West Coast Airlines Flight 703/Supplemental Data



The Civil Aeronautics Board was notified of the accident immediately after occurrence. An investigation was started at once in accordance with the provisions of Title VII of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958, as amended.

The Carrier

West Coast Airlines, Inc., is a Washington corporation with its principal business office at Seattle, Washington. The company operates as a scheduled air carrier under a currently effective certificate of public convenience and necessity issued by the Civil Aeronautics Board and an operating certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Agency.

Flight Personnel

Captain William Harvey Lockwood, age 42, had flown a total of 15,509 hours, of which 578 had been in F-27 aircraft. Of that 578 hours, 457 had been as instructor. Captain Lockwood had passed his six-months proficiency check on the F-27 on July 25, 1962, with above-average grades. He held all requisite certification and ratings.

Captain Elmer J. Cook, age 46, had flown a total of 14,460 hours, of which 10:15 had been in F-27 aircraft in connection with his current training for a type rating. He held an air transport certificate with a rating for DC-3 aircraft.

Mr. Buell Z. Davis, age 45, was employed by the Federal Aviation Agency as an Operations Inspector. He had piloted aircraft a total of 8,795 hours, of which 62 had been in F-27 aircraft. He had attended the F-27 factory school at Hagerstown, Maryland, and subsequently had taken refresher training on that aircraft.

The Aircraft

The aircraft was a Fairchild model F-27 built in July 1958. It had a total flying time of 11,708 hours. All checks and maintenance were current. The engines were Rolls Royce Dart RDA6 MK511, and the propellers were Rotol model R175/4-30-4/13E.

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