Aw Come On And Fight!

"Aw Come On And Fight!"  (1930) 
by Robert Ervin Howard

Sent in a letter to his friend Tevis Clyde Smith around March 1930. First published in The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard (vol. 2), October 2007

On my hands and knees in a scarlet pool
I heard the referee toll,
And the crowd roared: "Kill the yellow bum!"
Like the sea along a shoal.

I sprang, I struck, I crushed his skull
With a sudden desperate swing,
He died with his eyes to the glaring lights
And his back to the canvassed ring.

The referee counted above the dead,
I swayed and clung to the ropes,
And the crowd roared: "Yellow! Both of em's bums!"
Like the seas on the beaches slopes.

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