Back Along the Old Trail

Back Along the Old Trail  (1921) 
by Henry Clarence Pitz

Back Along the Old Trail

Look back over the trail, Scout, the trail of your battling sires,
The trail that mounts from the centuries' depths to the peak of your own desires.
See how it climbs from the dusk of the Past, from the Age of Bronze and Stone.
Through the veil of years, with toil and tears, to the crest where you stand alone.

Look at the wealth they bring you, Scout, the heritage of the years;
The fire of the Norseman rovers, the mind of the Celtic seers,
The strength of the Saxon bowmen, the courage of the grim Tartar.
Men have fought and men have wrought, to make you what you are.

Look that you keep the faith, Scout, true to the hopes they dared,
The visions and dreams they died for, the faiths they held and shared.
Like to your sires of old, Scout, be ye a pioneer too;
Keen-eyed and sure, clear-eyed and pure, that the trail may be cleared anew.



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