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Bale, Robert (d.1503) (DNB00)

BALE, ROBERT (d. 1503), a Carmelite monk, was a native of Norfolk, and when very young entered the Carmelite monastery at Norwich. Having a great love of learning, he spent a portion of every year in the Carmelite houses at Oxford or Cambridge. He became prior of the monastery of his order at Burnham, and died 11 Nov. 1503. Bale enjoyed a high reputation for learning, and collected a valuable library, which he bequeathed to his convent.

His principal works were: 1. 'Annales Ordinis Carmelitarum' (Bod. Arch. Seld. B. 72). 2. 'Historia Heliæ Prophetæ.' 3. 'Officium Simonis Angli' (i.e. of Simon Stock, a prior of his order who was canonised).

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C. F. K.