Bible (King James Version, 1611)/Philippians

Philippians: 1234

the Apoſtle to the Philippians.

CHAP. I.Edit

3 He teſtifieth his thankefulneſſe to God, and his loue toward them, for the fruits of their faith and fellowſhip, in his ſufferings, 9 dayly praying to him for their increaſe in grace: 12 Hee ſheweth what good the faith of Chriſt had receiued by his troubles at Rome, 21 and how ready he is to glorifie Chriſt either by his life or death, 27 exhorting them to vnitie, 28 and to fortitude in perſection.

PAul and Timotheus the ſeruants of Ieſus Chriſt, to all the Saints in Chriſt Ieſus, which are at Philippi, with the Biſhops and Deacons:

2 Grace be vnto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Ieſus Chriſt.

3 I thanke my God vpon euery ǁǁ Or, mention. remembrance of you,

4 Alwayes in euery prayer of mine for you all making requeſt, with ioy

5 For your felowſhip in the Goſpel from the firſt day vntill now;

6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you, ǁOr, will finiſh it. will performe it vntil the day of Ieſus Chriſt:

7 Euen at it is meete for mee to thinke this of you all, becauſe I ǁǁ Or, you haue me in your heart. haue you in my heart, in as much both in my bonds, and in the defence and confirmation of the Goſpel, ye all are ǁǁ Or, partakers with me of grace. paratakers of my grace.

8 For God is my record, how greatly I long after you all, in the bowels of Ieſus Chriſt.

9 And this I pray, that your loue, may abound yet more & more in knowledge, and in ǁǁ Or, ſense. iudgment.

10 That ye may ǁǁ Or, trie approue things that ǁǁ Or, differ. are excellent, that ye may be ſincere, and without offence till the day of Chriſt.

11 Being filled with the fruites of righteouſneſſe, which are by Ieſus Chriſt vnto the glory and praiſe of God.

12 But I would yee ſhould vnderſtand brethren, that the things which happened vnto mee, haue fallen out rather vnto the furtherance of the Goſpel.

13 So that my bonds ǁǁ Or, for Chriſt. in Christ, are manifeſt in all the ǁǁ Or, Cæſars Court. palace, and in ǁǁ Or, to all others. all other places.

14 And many of the brethen in the Lord, waxing confident, by my bonds, are much more bold to ſpeake the word without feare.

15 Some in deed preach Chriſt, even of enuie and ſtrife, and ſome alſo of good will.

16 The one preach Chriſt of contention, not ſyncerely, ſuppoſing to adde affliction to my bonds:

17 But the other of love, knowing that I am ſet for the defence of Goſpel.

18 What then: Notwithstanding euery way, whether in pretence, or in trueth: Chriſt is preached, and I therein doe reioyce, yea, and will reioyce.

19 For I know that this ſhall turne to my ſaluation through your prayer, and the ſupplie of the ſpirit of Ieſus Chriſt,

20 According to my earneſt expectation, and my hope, that in nothing I ſhalbe aſhamed: but that with all boldnes, as alwayes, ſo now alſo Chriſt ſhal be magnified in my body, whether it be by life or by death.

21 For to me to liue is Chriſt, and to die is gaine.

22 But if I liue the in fleſh, this is the fruit of my labour: yet what I ſhal chuſe, I wote not.

23 For I am in a ſtrait betwixt two, hauing a deſire to depart, ⁊ to bee with Chriſt, which is farre better.

24 Neuertheles, to abide in the felſh, is more needfull for you.

25 And hauing this confidence, I know that I ſhall abide and continue with you all, for your furtherance and ioy of faith,

26 That your reioycing may bee more abundant in Ieſus Chriſt for me, by my comming to you againe.

27 Onely let your conuerſation bee as it becommeth the Goſpel of Chriſt, that whether I come and ſee you, or elſe be abſsent, I may heare of your affaires, that yee ſtand faſt in one ſpirit, with one minde, ſtriuing together for the faith of the Goſpel,

28 And in nothing terrified by your aduerſaries, which is to them an euident token of perdition: but to you of ſaluation, and that of God.

29 For vnto you it is giuen in the behalfe of Chriſt, not onely to beleeve on him, but alſo to ſuffer for his ſake,

30 having the ſame conflict which ye ſaw in me, and now heare to be in me.


He exhorteth to vnitie, and to all humbleneſſe of minde, by example of Chriſts humilitie and exaltation: 12 To a carefull proceeding in the way of ſaluation, that they bee as lights to the wicked world, 16 and comforts to him their Apoſtle, who is now ready to bee offered vp to God. 19 He hopeth to ſend Timothie to them, whom hee greatly commendeth, 25 as Epaphroditus alſo, whom he preſently ſendeth to them.

IF there bee therefore any conſolation in Chriſt, if any comfort of loue, if any fellowſhip of the Spirit, if any bowels, ⁊ mercies;

2 Fulfill ye my ioy, that yee be like minded, hauing the ſame loue, being of one accord, of one minde.

3 Let nothing bee done through ſtrife, or vaine glory, but in lowlineſſe of minde let each eſteeme other better then themſelues.

4 Looke not euery man on his owne things, but euery man alſo on the things of others.

5 Let this minde bee in you, which was alſo in Chriſt Ieſus:

6 Who being in the forme of God, thought it not robbery to bee equall with God:

7 But made himſelfe of no reputation, and tooke vpon him the forme of a ſeruant, and was made in the ǁǁ Or, habite likeneſſe of men.

8 And being found in faſhion as a man, he humbled himſelfe, and became obedient vnto death, euen the death of the Croſſe.

9 Wherefore God alſo hath highly exalted him, and giuen him a Name which is aboue euery name:

10 That at the Name of Ieſus euery knee ſhould bow, of things in heauen, and things in earth, and things vnder the earth:

11 And that euery tongue ſhould confeſſe, that Ieſus Chriſt is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

12 Wherefore, my beloued, as ye haue alwayes obeyed, not as in my preſence onely, but now much more in my abſence; worke out your owne ſaluation with feare, and trembling.

13 For it is God which worketh in you, both to will, and to doe, of his good pleasure.

14 Doe all things without murmurings, and diſputings:

15 That yee may bee blameleſſe and ǁǁ Or, ſyncere. harmeleſſe, the ſonnes of God, without rebuke, in the middes of a crooked and peruerſe nation, among whom ǁǁ Or, ſhine ye ye ſhine as lights in the world:

16 Holding foorth the word of life, that I may reioyce in the day of Chriſt, that I have not runne in vaine, neither laboured in vanie.

17 Yea, and if I bee †Gr, powred foorth. offered vpon the ſacrifice and ſeruice of your faith, I ioy, and reioyce with you all.

18 For the ſame cauſe alſo doe ye ioy, and reioyce with me.

19 ǁǁ Or, moreouer. But I truſt in the Lord Ieſus, to ſend Timotheus ſhortly vnto you, that I alſo may bee of good comfort, when I know your ſtate.

20 For I haue no man ǁǁ Or, ſo deare vnto mee. like minded, who will naturally care for your ſtate.

21 For all ſeeke their owne, not the things which are Ieſus Chriſts.

22 But ye know the proofe of him, That as a ſonne with the father, hee hath ſerued with me, in the Goſpel.

23 Him therefore I hope to ſend preſently, ſo ſoone as I ſhall ſee how it wil goe with me.

24 But I truſt in the Lord, that I alſo my selfe ſhall come ſhortly.

25 But I ſuppoſed it neceſſary, to ſend you Epaphroditus my brother and companion in labour, and fellow ſonldiour, but your meſſenger, and hee that miniſtred to my wants.

26 For hee longed after you all, and was full of heauineſſe, becauſe that yee had heard that he had bene ſicke.

27 For indeed he was ſicke nigh vnto death, but God had mercy on him: and not on him onely, but on mee alſo, leſt I ſhould haue ſorow vpon ſorow.

28 I ſent him therefore the more carefully, that when ye ſee him againe, ye may reioyce, and that I may bee the leſſe ſorrowfull.

29 Receiue him therefore in the Lord with all gladneſſe, and ǁǁ Or, honor ſuch. hold ſuch in reputation:

30 Becauſe for the worke of Chriſt he was nigh vnto death, not regarding his life, to ſupply your lacke of ſeruice toward me.


1 Hee warneth to beware of the falſe teachers of the Circumciſion, 4 ſhewing that himſelf hath greater cauſe then they, to truſt in the righteouſneſſe of the Law: 7 which notwithſtanding hee counteth as doung and loſſe, to gaine Chriſt and his righteouſneſſe, 12 therein acknowledging his owne imperfection. 15 Hee exhorteth them to be thus minded, 17 and to imitate him, 18 and to decline the waies of carnall Chriſtians.

FInally, my brethren, reiyoce in the Lorde. To write the ſame things to you, to me indeed is not grieuous: but for you it is ſafe.

2 Beware of dogs, beware of euill workers: beware of the conciſion.

3 For we are the circumciſion, which worſhip God in the ſpirit, and reioyce in Chriſt Ieſus, and haue no confidence in the fleſh.

4 Though I might alſo haue confidence in the fleſh. If any other man thinketh that hee hath whereof hee might truſt in the fleſh, I more:

5 Circumciſed the eight day, of the ſtocke of Iſrael, of the tribe of Beniamin, an Hebrew of the Hebrewes, as touching the Law, a Phariſe:

6 Concerning zeale, perſecuting the Church: touching the righteouſneſſe which is in the Law, blameleſſe.

7 But what things were gaine to me, thoſe I counted loſſe for Chriſt.

8 Yea doubtleſſe, and I count all things but loſſe, for the excellencie of the knowledge of Chriſt Ieſus my Lord: for whom I haue ſuffered the loſſe of all things, and doe count them but doung, that I may win Chriſt,

9 And be found in him, not hauing mine righteouſneſſe, which is of the Law, but that which is through the faith of Chriſt, the righteouſneſſe which is of God by faith:

10 That I may know him, and the power of his reſurrection, and the fellowſhip of his ſufferings, being made conformable vnto his death,

11 If by any meanes I might attaine vnto the reſurrection of the dead.

12 Not as through I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which alſo I am apprehended of Chriſt Jeſus.

13 Brethren, I count not my ſelfe to haue apprehended: but this one thing I doe, forgetting thoſe things which are behinde, and reaching forth vnto thoſe things which are before,

14 I preſſe toward the marke, for the price of the high calling of God in Chriſt Ieſus.

15 Let us therefore, as many as bee perfect, bee thus minded: and if in anything ye be otherwiſe minded, God ſhal reueale euen this vnto you.

16 Neuertheleſſe, whereto wee haue alreadie attained, let vs walke by the ſame rule, let vs minde the ſame thing.

17 Brethren, be followers together of me, and marke them which walke ſo, as ye haue vs for an enſample.

18 (For many walke, of whome I haue told you often, and now tell you euen weeping, that they are the enemies of the croſſe of Chriſt:

19 Whoſe end is deſtruction, whoſe God is their belly, and whoſe glorie is in their ſhame, who minde earthly things.)

20 For our conuerſation is in heauen, from whence alſo we looke for the Sauiour, the Lord Ieſus Chriſt:

21 Who ſhall change our vile bodie, that it may bee faſhioned like vnto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able euen to ſubdue all things vnto himſelfe.


1 From particular admonitions 4 hee proceedeth to generall exhortations, 10 ſhewing how hee reioyced at their liberalitie towards him lying in priſon, not ſo much for the ſupply of his owne wants, as for the grace of God in them. 19 And ſo he concludeth with prayer and ſalutations.
THerefore, my brethren, dearely beloued and longed for, my ioy and crowne, ſo ſtand faſt in the Lord, my dearely beloued.

2 I beſeech Euodias, and beſeech Syntiche, that they be of the ſame mind in the Lord.

3 And I entreat thee alſo, true yokefellow, helpe thoſe women which laboured with me in the Goſpel, with Clement alſo, and with other my fellow labourers, whoſe names are in the booke of life.

4 Reioyce in the Lord alway: and againe I ſay, Reioyce.

5 Let your moderation be knowen vnto all men. The Lord is at hand.

6 Bee carefull for nothing: but in euery thing by prayer and ſupplication with thankeſgiuing, let your requeſt be made knowen vnto God.

7 And the peace of God which paſſeth all vnderſtanding, ſhall keepe your hearts ⁊ minds through Chriſt Ieſus.

8 Finally, brethren, whatſoeuer things are true, whatſoeuer things are ǁǁ Or, venerable. honeſt, whatſoeuer things are iuſt, whatſoeuer things are pure, whatſoeuer things are louely, whatſoeuer things are of good report: if there bee any vertue, and if there bee any praiſe, thinke on theſe things:

9 Thoſe things which ye haue both learned and receiued, and heard, and ſeene in mee, doe: and the God of peace ſhall be with you.

10 But I reioyced in the Lorde greatly, that now at the laſt your care of me †Or, is reuiued. hath flouriſhed againe, wherein yee were alſo carefull, but ye lacked opportunitie.

11 Not that I ſpeake in reſpect of want: for I haue learned in whatſoeuer ſtate I am, therewith to bee content.

12 I know both how to bee abaſed, and I knowe how to abound: euerie where, and in all things I am inſtructed, both to bee full, and to be hungrie, both to abound, and to ſuffer need.

13 I can do all things through Chriſt, which ſtrengtheneth me.

14 Notwithſtanding, yee haue well done, that ye did communicate with my affliction.

15 Now ye Philippians know alſo, that in beginning of the Goſpel, when I departed from Macedonia, no Church communicated with mee, as concerning giuing and receiuing, but ye onely.

16 For euen in Theſſalonica, ye ſent once, and againe vnto my neceſſitie.

17 Not becauſe I deſire a gift: but I deſire fruit that may abound to your account.

18 But †Or, I haue receiued all. I haue all, and abound. I am full, hauing receiued of Epaphroditus the things which were ſent from you, an odour of a ſweet ſmell, a ſacrifice acceptable, well pleaſing to God.

19 But my God ſhall ſupply all your need, according to his riches in glory, by Chriſt Ieſus.

20 Now vnto God and our Father be glory for euer and euer. Amen.

21 Salute euery Saint in Chriſt Ieſus: the brethren which are with me, greet you.

22 All the Saints ſalute you, chiefly they that are of Ceſars houſhold.

23 The grace of our Lord Ieſus Chriſt be with you all. Amen.

¶ It was written to the Philippians from Rome, by Epaphroditus.