Bible (Tyndale)/1 Peter

Chapter 1Edit

1 Peter an Apostle of Iesu Christ to them that dwell here and there as straungers thorowout Pontus Galacia Capadocia Asia and Bethinia electe

2 by ye forknowledge of God ye father thorow the sanctifyinge of the sprete vnto obedience and springklinge of the bloud of Iesus Christ. Grace be with you and peace be multiplyed.

3 Blessed be God ye father of oure Lorde Iesus Christ which thorow is aboundant mercie begat vs agayne vnto a lively hope by the resurreccion of Iesus Christ fro deeth

4 to enioye an inheritaunce immortall and vndefiled and that purifieth not reserved in heven for you

5 which are kept by the power of God thorow fayth vnto salvacion which salvacion is prepared all redy to be shewed in the last tyme

6 in the which tyme ye shall reioyce though now for a season (if nede requyre) ye are in hevines thorowe manifolde temptacions

7 that youre fayth once tried beinge moche more precious then golde yt perissheth (though it be tried with fyre) myght be founde vnto lawde glory and honoure at the apperinge of Iesus Christ:

8 who ye have not sene and yet love him in whom even now though ye se him not ye yet beleue and reioyce with ioye vnspeakable and glorious:

9 receavynge the ende of youre fayth the salvacion of youre soules.

10 Of which salvacion have the Prophetes enquyred and searched which prophisied of ye grace that shuld come vnto you

11 searchinge whe or at what tyme the sprete of Christ which was in them shuld signifie which sprete testified before the passions that shuld come vnto Christ and the glory that shuld folowe after:

12 vnto which Prophetes it was declared that not vnto them selves but vnto vs they shuld minister the thinges which are now shewed vnto you of them which by ye holy goost sent doune fro heven have preached vnto you the thinges which the angels desyre to beholde.

13 Wherfore gyrde vp ye loynes of youre myndes be sober and trust perfectly on the grace yt is brought vnto you by the declaringe of Iesus Christ

14 as obediet chyldre not facioninge youre selves vnto youre olde lustes of ignoracye:

15 but as he which called you is holy eve so be ye holy in all maner of conuersacion

16 because it is written. Be ye holy for I am holy.

17 And yf so be yt ye call on the father which with out respecte of person iudgeth accordinge to every manes worke se yt ye passe the tyme of youre pilgremage in feare.

18 For as moche as ye know how that ye were not redemed with corruptible sylver and golde from youre vayne conversacion which ye receaved by the tradicions of the fathers:

19 but with the precious bloud of Christ as of a lambe vndefiled and withouten spot

20 which was ordeyened before the worlde was made: but was declared in the last tymes for youre

21 sakes which by his meanes have beleved on god that raysed him from deth and glorified him that youre fayth and hope myght be in god.

22 And for as moche as ye have purified youre soules thorowe the sprete in obeyinge the trueth for to love brotherly withouten saynynge se that ye love one another with a pure hert fervently:

23 for ye are borne a newe not of mortall seed but of immortall by the worde of god which liveth and lasteth for ever.

24 For all flesshe is as grasse and all the glory of man is as the floure of grasse. The grasse widdereth and the flower falleth awaye

25 but the worde of the lorde endureth ever. And this is the worde which by the gospell was preached amonge you.

Chapter 2Edit

1 Wherfore laye asyde all maliciousnes and all gyle and dissimulacion and envie and all backbytynge:

2 and as newe borne babes desyre that reasonable mylke which is with out corrupcion that ye maye growe therin.

3 If so be that ye have tasted how plesaunt the lorde is

4 to whom ye come as vnto a livynge stone disalowed of men but chosen of god and precious:

5 and ye as lyvynge stones are made a spretuall housse and an holy presthode for to offer vp spretuall sacryfice acceptable to god by Iesus Christ.

6 Wherfore it is contayned in the scripture: beholde I put in Sion an heed corner stone electe and precious: and he that beleveth on him shall not be ashamed.

7 Vnto you therfore which beleve he is precious: but vnto them which beleve not ye stone which ye bylders refused ye same is made ye heed stone in the corner

8 and a stone to stomble at and a rocke to offende them which stomble at the worde and beleve not that where on they were set.

9 But ye are a chosyn generacion a royall presthod an holy nacio and a peculiar people that ye shuld shewe the vertues of him that called you out of darknes into hys marvelous light

10 which in tyme past were not a people yet are now the people of God: which were not vnder mercye but now have obteyned mercye.

11 Derly beloved I beseche you as straugers and pilgrems abstayne from flesshly lustes which fyght agaynst the soule

12 and se that ye have honest conversacion amonge the getyls that they which backbyte you as evyll doars maye se youre good workes and prayse god in the daye of visitacion.

13 Submit youre selves vnto all manner ordinaunce of man for the lordes sake whether it be vnto the kynge as vnto the chefe heed:

14 other vnto rulars as vnto them that are sent of him for the punysshment of evyll doars: but for the laude of them that do well.

15 For so is the will of god that ye put to sylence the ygnorancie of the folyshe men:

16 as fre and not as havinge ye libertie for a cloke of maliciousnes but even as the servautes of god.

17 Honoure all men. Love brotherly felishippe. Feare god and honour the kynge.

18 Servauntes obey youre masters with all feare not only yf they be good and courteous: but also though they be frowarde.

19 For it is thankeworthye yf a man for conscience towarde god endure grefe sufferinge wrongfully.

20 For what prayse is it if when ye be buffeted for youre fautes ye take it paciently? But and yf when ye do well ye suffer wronge and take it paciently then is there thanke with God.

21 For herevnto verely were ye called: for Christ also suffered for vs levinge vs an insample yt ye shuld folowe his steppes

22 which dyd no sinne nether was ther gyle founde in his mouth:

23 which when he was reviled reviled not agayne: whe he suffered he threatened not: but comitted the cause to him that iudgeth ryghteously

24 which his awne silfe bare oure synnes in his body on the tree that we shuld be delyvered from synne and shuld lyve in rightewesnes. By whose strypes ye were healed.

25 For ye were as shepe goinge astraye: but are now returned vnto ye shepheerd and bisshoppe of youre soules.

Chapter 3Edit

1 Lykewyse let the wyves be in subieccio to their husbades that eve they which beleve not the worde maye with out the worde be wonne by the conversacion of ye wyves:

2 whill they beholde youre pure coversacion coupled with feare.

3 Whose apparell shall not be outwarde with broyded heare and hanginge on of golde other in puttinge on of gorgious aparell:

4 but let the hyd man of the herte be incorrupt with a meke and a quyet sprete which sprete is before God a thinge moche set by.

5 For after this maner in the olde tyme dyd the holy wemen which trusted in God tyer the selves and were obediet to their husbades

6 eve as Sara obeyed Abraha and called him Lorde: whose doughters ye are as longe as ye do well and be not afrayde of every shadowe.

7 Lyke wyse ye men dwell with them accordinge to knowledge gevinge honoure vnto the wyfe as vnto the weaker vessell and as vnto them that are heyres also of the grace of lyfe that youre prayers be not let.

8 In coclusion be ye all of one mynde one suffre with another love as brethren be petifull be courteous

9 not redringe evyll for evyll nether rebuke for rebuke: but contrary wyse blesse remembringe yt ye are thervnto called even yt ye shuld be heyres of blessinge.

10 If eny ma longe after life and loveth to se good dayes let him refrayne his tonge fro evyll and his lippes that they speake not gyle.

11 Let him eschue evyll and do good: let him seke peace and ensue it.

12 For ye eyes of ye Lorde are over ye righteous and his eares are open vnto their prayers. But ye face of the Lorde beholdeth the that do evyll.

13 Moreover who is it that will harme you yf ye folowe yt which is good?

14 Not withstondynge happy are ye yf ye suffre for rightewesnessis sake. Ye and feare not though they seme terrible vnto you nether be troubled:

15 but sanctifie the Lorde God in youre hertes. Be redy all wayes to geve an answere to every man that axeth you a reson of the hope that is in you and that with meaknes and feare:

16 havinge a good consciece that when they backbyte you as evyll doars they maye be ashamed for as moche as they have falsely accused youre good conversacion in Christ.

17 It is better (yf the wyll of God be so) that ye suffre for well doynge then for evyll doynge.

18 For as moche as Christ hath once suffered for synnes ye iuste for ye vniuste forto bringe vs to God and was kylled as pertayninge to the flesshe: but was quyckened in the sprete.

19 In which sprete he also wet and preached vnto the spretes that were in preson

20 which were in tyme passed disobedient when the longe sufferinge of God abode excedinge paciently in the dayes of Noe whyll the arcke was a preparinge wherin feawe (that is to saye.viii soules) were saved by water

21 which signifieth baptim that now saveth vs not ye puttinge awaye of ye filth of the flesshe but in that a good conscience consenteth to God by ye resurreccio of Iesus Christ

22 which is oure right honde of God and is gone into heve angels power and myght subdued vnto him.

Chapter 4Edit

1 For as moche as christ hath suffred for vs in the flesshe arme youre selves lyke wyse with the same mynde: for he which suffereth in the flesshe ceasith fro synne

2 that he hence forwarde shuld lyve as moche tyme as remayneth in the flesshe: not after ye lustes of men but after the will of God.

3 For it is sufficient for vs that we have spent the tyme that is past of the lyfe after the will of the gentyls walkinge in wantannes lustes dronkennes in eatinge drinkinge and in abominable ydolatrie.

4 And it semeth to them a straunge thinge that ye runne not also with them vnto the same excesse of ryote and therfore speake they evill of you

5 which shall geve a coptes to him that is redy to iudge quycke and deed.

6 For vnto this purpose verely was ye gospell preached vnto the (deed) that they shuld be condempned of men in ye flesshe but shuld live before God in the sprete.

7 The ende of all thinges is at honde. Be ye therfore discrete and sober yt ye maye be apte to prayers.

8 But above all thinges have fervet love amoge you. For love covereth the multitude of synnes.

9 Be ye herberous one to another and that wt out grudginge.

10 As every man hath receaved the gyfte minister the same one to another as good ministers of the manyfolde grace of God.

11 Yf eny man speake let him talke as though he spake ye wordes of God. If eny man minister let him do it as of ye abilitie which god ministreth vnto him. That god in all thinges maye be glorified thorow Iesus Christ to whom be prayse and dominion for ever and whyll the worlde stondeth. Amen.

12 Dearly beloved be not troubled in this heate which now is come amoge you to trye you as though some strauge thinge had happened vnto you:

13 but reioyce in as moche as ye are partetakers of Christes passions that when his glory appereth ye maye be mery and glad.

14 If ye be rayled vpon for the name of Christ happie are ye. For the sprete of glory and the sprete of god resteth apon you. On their parte he is evyll spoken of: but on youre parte he is glorified.

15 Se that none of you suffre as a murtherer or as a thefe or an evyll doar or as a busybody in other mens matters.

16 Yf eny man suffre as a Christe man let him not be ashamed: but let him glorifie god on his behalfe.

17 For the tyme is come that iudgement must begynne at the housse of god. If it fyrst begynne at vs what shall the ende be of them which beleve not the gospell of god?

18 And yf the righteous scasly be saved: where shall the vngodly and the sinner appere?

19 Wherfore let them that suffer accordynge to the will of god commit their soules to him with well doynge as vnto a faythfull creator

Chapter 5Edit

1 The elders which are amonge you I exhorte which am also an elder and a witnes of the affliccions of Christ and also a partaker of the glory that shalbe opened:

2 se that ye fede Christes flocke which is amonge you takynge the oversyght of them not as though ye were compelled therto but willyngly: not for the desyre of filthy lucre but of a good mynde.

3 not as though ye were lordes over the parisshes: but that ye be a insample to the flocke.

4 And when the chef shepheerde shall appere ye shall receave an incorruptible croune of glorye.

5 Lykwyse ye yonger submit youre selves vnto the elder. Submit youre selves every man one to another knet youre selves togedder in lowlines of mynde. For god resisteth ye proude and geveth grace to the humble.

6 Submit youre selves therfore vnder the myghty honde of god that he maye exalt you whe the tyme is come.

7 Cast all youre care to him: for he careth for you.

8 Be sober and watch for youre adversary ye devyll as a rorynge lion walketh about sekynge whom he maye devoure:

9 whom resist stedfust in the fayth remebrynge that ye do but fulfill the same affliccios which are apoynted to youre brethren that are in the worlde.

10 The God of all grace which called you vnto his eternall glory by Christ Iesus shall his awne silfe after ye have soffred a lytell affliccio make you perfect: shall settle strenght and stablishe you.

11 To him be glory and dominio for ever and whill the worlde endureth Amen.

12 By Silvanus a faythfull brother vnto you (as I suppose) have I written brefly exhortynge and testifyinge how that this is the true grace of god wherin ye stonde.

13 The companious of youre eleccion yt are at Babilo saluteth you and Marcus my sonne.

14 Grete ye one another with the kysse of love. Peace be with you all which are in Christ Iesus.Amen.