Bible (Tyndale)/Ephesians

Chapter 1Edit

1 Paul an Apostle of Iesu Christ by the will of God. To the saynctes which are at Ephesus and to them which beleve on Iesus Christ.

2 Grace be with you and peace from God oure father and from the Lorde Iesus Christ.

3 Blessed be God the father of oure lorde Iesus Christ which hath blessed vs with all maner of spirituall blessinges in hevely thynges by Chryst

4 accordynge as he had chosen vs in him before ye foudacio of ye worlde was layde that we shuld be saintes and without blame before him thorow loue.

5 And ordeyned vs before thorow Iesus Christ to be heyres vnto him silfe accordinge to the pleasure of his will

6 to ye prayse of the glorie of his grace where with he hath made vs accepted in the beloved.

7 By whom we have redemption thorow his bloude euen the forgevenes of synnes accordynge to the riches of his grace

8 which grace he shed on vs aboundantly in all wisdome and perceavaunce.

9 And hath openned vnto vs the mistery of his will accordinge to his pleasure and purposed the same in hym silfe

10 to have it declared when the tyme were full come yt all thynges bothe ye thynges which are in heven and also the thynges which are in erthe shuld be gaddered togedder even in Christ:

11 that is to saye in him in whom we are made heyres and were therto predestinate accordynge to the purpose of him which worketh all thinges after the purpose of his awne will:

12 that we which before beleved in Christ shuld be vnto the prayse of his glory.

13 In whom also ye (after that ye hearde the worde of trueth I meane the gospell of youre saluacio wherin ye beleved) were sealed with the holy sprete of promes

14 which is the ernest of oure inheritaunce to redeme the purchased possession and that vnto the laude of his glory.

15 Wherfore even I (after that I hearde of the fayth which ye have in the lorde Iesu and love vnto all the saynctes)

16 cease not to geve thankes for you makynge mencion of you in my prayers

17 that ye God of oure lorde Iesus Christ and the father of glory myght geve vnto you the sprete of wisdome and open to you the knowledge of him silfe

18 and lighten the eyes of youre myndes yt ye myght knowe what that hope is where vnto he hath called you and what the riches of his glorious inheritaunce is apon the sainctes

19 and what is the excedynge greatnes of his power to vs warde which beleve accordynge to the workynge of that his mighty power

20 which he wrought in Christ when he raysed him from deeth and set him on his right honde in hevenly thynges

21 above all rule power and myght and dominacion and above all names that are named not in this worlde only but also in the worlde to come:

22 and hath put all thynges vnder his fete and hath made him aboue all thynges ye heed of ye congregacion

23 which is his body and the fulnes of him that filleth all in all thynges.

Chapter 2Edit

1 And hath quickened you also that were deed in treaspasse and synne

2 in ye which in tyme passed ye walked acordynge to the course of this worlde and after the governer that ruleth in the ayer the sprete yt now worketh in the children of vnbelefe

3 amonge which we also had oure conversacion in tyme past in the lustes of oure flesshe and fullfilled the will of the flesshe and of the mynde: and were naturally the children of wrath even as wel as other.

4 But God which is rich in mercy thorow his greate love wherwith he loved vs

5 even when we were deed by synne hath quickened vs together in Christ (for by grace are ye saved)

6 and hath raysed vs vp together and made vs sitte together in hevenly thynges thorow Christ Iesus

7 for to shewe in tymes to come the excedynge ryches of his grace in kyndnes to vs warde in Christ Iesu.

8 For by grace are ye made safe thorowe fayth and that not of youre selves. For it is the gyfte of God

9 and commeth not of workes lest eny man shuld bost him silfe.

10 For we are his worckmanshippe created in Christ Iesu vnto good workes vnto the which god ordeyned vs before that we shuld walke in them.

11 Wherfore remeber yt ye beynge in tyme passed getyls in ye flesshe and were called vncircucision to the which are called circucisio in the flesshe which circucision is made by hondes:

12 Remeber I saye yt ye were at that tyme wt oute Christ and were reputed aliantes from the comen welth of Israel and were straugers fro the testamentes of promes and had no hope and were with out god in this worlde.

13 But now in Christ Iesu ye which a whyle agoo were farre of are made nye by ye bloude of Christ.

14 For he is oure peace whych hath made of both one and hath broken doune the wall yt was a stoppe bitwene vs

15 and hath also put awaye thorow his flesshe the cause of hatred (that is to saye the lawe of commaundementes contayned in the lawe written) for to make of twayne one newe ma in him silfe so makynge peace:

16 and to recocile both vnto god in one body thorow his crosse and slewe hatred therby:

17 and came and preached peace to you which were afarre of and to them that were nye.

18 For thorow him we both have an open waye in in one sprete vnto the father.

19 Now therfore ye are no moare straugers and foreners: but citesyns with the saynctes and of the housholde of god:

20 and are bilt apon the foundacion of the apostles and prophetes Iesus Christ beynge the heed corner stone

21 in whom every bildynge coupled togedder groweth vnto an holy temple in ye lorde

22 in who ye also are bilt togedder and made an habitacio for god in the sprete.

Chapter 3Edit

1 For this cause I Paul a in ye bodes of Iesus christ for youre sakes which are hethen:

2 Yf ye have hearde of the ministracion of the grace of god which is geven me to you warde.

3 For by revelacion shewed he this mistery vnto me as I wrote above in feawe wordes

4 wher by when ye rede ye maye knowe myne vnderstondynge in the mistery of Christ

5 which mistery in tymes passed was not opened vnto the sonnes of men as it is nowe declared vnto his holy apostles and prophetes by the sprete:

6 that the gentyls shuld be inheritours also and of the same body and partakers of his promis yt is in Christ by ye meanes of the gospell

7 whereof I am made a minister by the gyfte of the grace of god geve vnto me thorow ye workynge of his power.

8 Vnto me the lest of all sayntes is this grace geven that I shuld preache amonge the gentyls the unsearchable ryches of Christ

9 and to make all men se what the felyshippe of the mistery is which from the begynnynge of the worlde hath bene hid in God which made all thynges thorow Iesus Christ

10 to the intent that now vnto the rulars and powers in heven myght be knowe by the cogregacion ye many folde wisdome of god

11 accordinge to ye eternall purpose which he purposed in Christ Iesu oure lorde

12 by who we are bolde to drawe nye in ye trust which we have by faith on hi

13 Wherfore I desire yt ye faynt not because of my trybulacios for youre sakes: which is youre prayse.

14 For this cause I bowe my knees vnto the father of oure lorde Iesus Christ

15 which is father over all that ys called father In heven and in erth

16 that he wolde graunt you acordynge to the ryches of his glory that ye maye be strenghted with myght by his sprete in the inner man

17 yt Christ maye dwell in youre hertes by fayth yt ye beynge roted and grounded in loue

18 myght be able to comprehende with all sayntes what ys that bredth aud length deepth and heyth:

19 and to knowe what is the love of Christ which love passeth knowledge: that ye might be fulfilled with all manner of fulnes which commeth of God.

20 Vnto him that is able to do excedynge aboudantly above all that we axe or thynke accordynge to the power that worketh in vs

21 be prayse in the congregacion by Iesus Christ thorow out all generacios from tyme to tyme Amen.

Chapter 4Edit

1 I therfore which am in bondes for the lordes sake exhorte you that ye walke worthy of the vocacion wherwith ye are called

2 in all humblenes of mynde and meknes and longe sufferynge forbearinge one another thorowe love

3 and that ye be dyliget to kepe ye vnitie of ye sprete in the bonde of peace

4 beynge one body and one sprete eve as ye are called in one hope of youre callynge.

5 Let ther be but one lorde one fayth one baptim:

6 one god and father of all which is above all thorow all and in you all.

7 Vnto every one of vs is geven grace acordinge to the measure of ye gyft of christ.

8 Wherfore he sayth: He is gone vp an hye and hath ledde captivitie captive and hath geven gyftes vnto men.

9 That he ascended: what meaneth it but that he also descended fyrst into the lowest parties of the erth?

10 He that descended is even the same also that ascended vp even above all hevens to fulfill all thinges.

11 And the very same made some Apostles some prophetes some Evangelistes some Sheperdes some Teachers:

12 yt the sainctes might have all thinges necessarie to worke and minister with all to the edifyinge of the body of christ

13 tyll we every one (in the vnitie of fayth and knowledge of the sonne of god) growe vp vnto a parfayte man after ye measure of age of the fulnes of Christ.

14 That we hence forth be no moare chyldren wauerynge and caryed with every wynde of doctryne by the wylynes of men and craftynes wherby they laye a wayte for vs to deceave vs.

15 But let vs folowe the trueth in loue and in all thynges growe in him which is the heed that ys to saye Christ

16 in whom all the body ys coupled and knet togedder in every ioynt wherwith one ministreth to another (accordinge to the operacion as every parte hath his measure) and increaseth the body vnto the edyfyinge of it silfe in love.

17 This I saye therfore and testifie in ye lorde that ye hence forth walke not as other gentyls walke in vanitie of their mynde

18 blynded in their vnderstondynge beynge straungers from the lyfe which is in god thorow the ignorancy that is in them because of the blyndnes of their hertes:

19 which beynge past repentaunce have geven them selves vnto wantannes to worke all manner of vnclennes even with gredynes.

20 But ye have not so learned Christ

21 if so be ye have hearde of him and are taught in him even as the trueth is in Iesu.

22 So then as concernynge the coversacion in tyme past laye from you that olde ma which is corrupte thorow the deceavable lustes

23 and be ye renued in the sprete of youre myndes

24 and put on that newe man which after the ymage of God is shapen in ryghtewesnes and true holynes.

25 Wherfore put awaye lyinge and speake every man truth vnto his neghbour for as moche as we are members one of another.

26 Be angrye but synne not let not the sonne go doune apon your wrathe

27 nether geue place vnto ye backbyter.

28 Let him yt stole steale no moare but let him rather laboure with his hondes some good thinge that he maye have to geve vnto him that nedeth.

29 Let no filthy comunicacion procede out of youre mouthes: but yt whych is good to edefye with all when nede ys: that it maye have faveour with the hearers.

30 And greve not the holy sprete of God by whome ye are sealed vnto the daye of redempcion.

31 Let all bitternes fearsnes and wrath rorynge and cursyd speakynge be put awaye from you with all maliciousnes.

32 Be ye courteouse one to another and mercifull forgevynge one another eve as god for Christes sake forgave you.

Chapter 5Edit

1 Be ye folowers of god as dere children

2 and walke in love even as Christ loved vs and gave him silfe for vs an offerynge and a sacrifyce of a swete saver to god.

3 So that fornicacion and all vnclennes or coveteousnes be not once named amonge you as it be commeth saynctes:

4 nether filthynes nether folishe talkyng nether gestinge which are not comly: but rather gevynge of thankes

5 For this ye knowe yt no whormonger other vnclene person or coveteous person which is the worshipper of ymages hath eny inheritaunce in the kyngdome of Christ and of God.

6 Let no ma deceave you with vayne wordes. For thorow soche thinges cometh the wrath of God vpon the chyldre of vnbelefe.

7 Be not therfore companions with them.

8 Ye were once dercknes but are now light in the Lorde. Walke as chyldren of light.

9 For the frute of the sprete is in all goodnes rightewesnes and trueth.

10 Accept that which is pleasinge to the Lorde:

11 and have no fellishippe with the vnfrutfull workes of dercknes: but rather rebuke them.

12 For it is shame even to name those thinges which are done of them in secrete:

13 but all thinges when they are rebuked of the light are manifest. For whatsoever is manifest that same is light.

14 Wherfore he sayth: awake thou that slepest and stond vp from deeth and Christ shall geve the light.

15 Take hede therfore that ye walke circuspectly: not as foles: but as wyse

16 redemynge the tyme: for ye dayes are evyll.

17 Wherfore be ye not vnwyse but vnderstonde what the will of the Lorde is

18 and be not dronke with wyne wherin is excesse: but be fulfilled with the sprete

19 speakynge vnto youre selves in psalmes and ymnes and spretuall songes synginge and makinge melodie to ye Lorde in youre hertes

20 gevinge thankes all wayes for all thinges vnto God the father in the name of oure Lorde Iesu Christ:

21 submittinge youre selves one to another in the feare of God.

22 Wemen submit youre selves vnto youre awne husbandes as vnto the Lorde.

23 For the husbande is the wyves heed even as Christ is the heed of the congregacion and the same is the saveoure of the body.

24 Therfore as the cogregacion is in subieccion to Christ lykwyse let the wyves be in subieccion to their husbandes in all thinges.

25 Husbandes love youre wyves even as Christ loved the congregacion and gave him silfe for it

26 to sanctifie it and clensed it in the fountayne of water thorow the worde

27 to make it vnto him selfe a glorious congregacion with oute spot or wrynckle or eny soche thinge: but that it shuld be holy and with out blame.

28 So ought men to love their wyves as their awne bodyes. He that loveth his wyfe loveth him sylfe.

29 For no ma ever yet hated his awne flesshe: but norissheth and cherisseth it even as the lorde doth the congregacion.

30 For we are members of his body of his flesshe and of his bones.

31 For this cause shall a man leave father and mother and shall cotinue with his wyfe and two shalbe made one flesshe.

32 This is a great secrete but I speake bitwene Christ and the cogregacion.

33 Neverthelesse do ye so that every one of you love his wyfe truely even as him silfe. And let ye wyfe se that she feare her husbade.

Chapter 6Edit

1 Chyldren obey youre fathers and mothers in the Lorde: for so is it right.

2 Honoure thy father and mother that is the fyrst commaundement that hath eny promes

3 that thou mayst be in good estate and lyve longe on the erthe.

4 And ye fathers move not youre children to wrath: but bringe the vp wt the norter and informacio of ye Lorde.

5 Servautes be obedient vnto youre carnall masters with feare and trimblinge in singlenes of youre hertes as vnto Christ:

6 not wt service in ye eye sight as men pleasars: but as the servautes of Christ doynge ye will of God fro the herte

7 with good will servinge ye Lorde and not men.

8 And remember that whatsoever good thinge eny man doeth that shall he receave agayne of the Lorde whether he be bonde or fre.

9 And ye masters do eve the same thinges vnto them puttinge awaye threateninges: and remember that even youre master also is in heven nether is ther eny respecte of person with him.

10 Finally my brethre be stronge in the Lorde and in the power of his myght.

11 Put on ye armour of God that ye maye stonde stedfast agaynst ye crafty assautes of the devyll.

12 For we wrestle not agaynst flesshe and bloud: but agaynst rule agaynst power and agaynst worldy rulars of ye darckenes of this worlde agaynst spretuall wickednes for hevenly thinges.

13 For this cause take vnto you the armoure of God yt ye maye be able to resist in the evyll daye and to stonde perfect in all thinges.

14 Stonde therfore and youre loynes gyrd aboute with veritie havinge on the brest plate of rightewesnes

15 and shood with showes prepared by the gospell of peace.

16 Above all take to you the shelde of fayth wherwith ye maye quenche all ye fyrie dartes of the wicked.

17 And take the helmet of salvacio and the swearde of the sprete which is the worde of God.

18 And praye all wayes with all maner prayer and supplicacio: and yt in the sprete: and watch thervnto wt all instance and supplicacio for all saynctes

19 and for me that vttraunce maye be geve vnto me that I maye open my mouth boldly to vtter the secretes of the gospell

20 whereof I am a messenger in bondes that therin I maye speake frely as it becommeth me to speake.

21 But that ye maye also knowe what condicion I am in and what I do Tichicus my deare brother and faythfull minister in the Lorde shall shewe you of all thinges

22 whom I sent vnto you for the same purpose that ye myght knowe what case I stonde in and that he myght comfort youre hertes.

23 Peace be with the brethren and love with fayth from God the father and from the Lorde Iesu Christ.

24 Grace be with all them which love oure lorde Iesus Christ in puernes. Ame