Biographical Sketches of Dekkan Poets/Nagogi Bhat


This poet was also a Maharatta bramin, and born in the fifteenth century of Salivahana. At an early age he studied the Vedas, and when arrived at maturity engaged himself as officiating priest to people of the first class; by this employment, however, be gained a very scanty subsistence, and his poverty made him despised. He consequently felt disgusted, and giving up his vocation, entered as a student, the college at Vaki, which is esteemed a very holy place by the Hindus, as it is situated at the source of the river Krishna. At this place he studied all the fine arts and sciences, especially poetry. When he was forty-five years of age, he visited Benares, where he principally confined his attention to Grammar and diligently perused the book written by his countryman Bhattogi Dekshat, and made an ample commentary on it: he wrote also a work which he called Manorama, which was an exposition on the text before-named, it contained about seven hundred verses, and was much used by the Students at Mythali. After he was fifty-five years old, he studied the Muntra Sastra, or fonnula of various prayers to Gods and Goddesses, and about this time he wrote a commentary on the Supta Sapti, or Chundi Pat, which is a chapter of the Marcandaya Purana. He died at Benares in the sixty-second year of his age, and it is supposed that severe disappointments in a great measure hastened his dissolution. The foregoing account of Nagogi Bhatt is taken from traditional records, preserved in the college of Nadya.