Bohemia's claim for freedom/In conclusion…

Bohemia's claim for freedom  (1915) 
In conclusion… by The London Czech Committee

IN conclusion, it may be of interest to add that the three decorations in this book (on pages 4, 49, 58) are from actual designs by an old Czech peasant woman, and were originally intended for embroidery; they are, therefore, genuine examples of Czech peasant art. The two medallions, referring to the Signs of Zodiac (on pages 6, 52) have been adapted for book decoration from oil-paintings by J Manes. On page 7 is reproduced the autograph signature of John Hus.

The London Czech Committee desire also to express their indebtedness and sincere thanks to Mr. G. K. Chesterton for his beautiful humanistic introduction; to the Rev. H. B. Workman, D.Litt., D.D., for placing his important work, "Letters of John Hus," at their disposal; and to Mr. Geoffrey Whitworth for the correction of the English text. Only those who had to deal with the Czechs' MSS. can appreciate the generous and disinterested help of Mr. Whitworth.

We Czechs residing in England cannot let this opportunity pass without thanking the whole British nation for the sympathetic treatment that we at the present time enjoy, and for the freedom with which we are permitted to organize our national affairs against the common enemy. Nor is this generous trust misplaced. We hope that in the near future we shall give some more practical and conclusive proofs of our loyalty.

The London Czech Committee.

July, 1915.

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