Bohemian Poems, Ancient and Modern/Tear of Love

Václav Jaromír Picek3268025Bohemian Poems, Ancient and Modern — Tear of Love1849Albert Henry Wratislaw


O’ER the brook a rose there bloometh,
In the brook its image glows,
Therefore scented pearls there hasten
Downwards from the grateful rose.

One of these the brook attaining
Scents of Eden round it sows,
Every billow bounds for pleasure
At the notice of the rose.

My full heart’s of love a fountain,
And thy soul is mirror’d there;
On this constant heart in kindness
Drop, dear maid, a single tear.

So the stream of life becometh,
As with honey, sweet to me;
Tears from lovely eyes must ever
Nectar fit for angels be.