Bohemian Poems, Ancient and Modern/The Forget-me-not

For works with similar titles, see Forget-Me-Not.
3268071Bohemian Poems, Ancient and Modern — The Forget-me-not1849Albert Henry Wratislaw


O TWINE me a garland of flowerets blue,
A blue garland of Hope for the heart!
O twine me another of Memory’s hue!
Hope and Memory never should part.

The first for myself and the next for my love,
For my Hopes on her Memories hang—
Will she mindful of me and my heart-sorrows prove,
Will she heal the heart-wearying pang?

O wonder of wonders! each garland’s the same!
Hope and Memory wear the same hue;
For Hope is the colour and Mem’ry the name,
That adorn the Forget-me-not blue!