Bohemian Poems, Ancient and Modern/Three Didactic Poems



COME the stars and go again,
Rises too and sets the sun;
Thus throughout the universe
Ever changeless changes run.

World round world is still revolving,
Star round star doth ceaseless go;
Thus it was from the beginning,
Thus it will be evermoe.

Round the earth the moon revolveth,
Round the sun both take their road;
Let thy heart move round thy country,
With thy country round thy God!


O MY son, when first thou camest
Into this world’s paradise,
All around thee then was smiling,
Thou alone hadst weeping eyes.

Be it ever thy endeavour,
That, when thy last hour is come,
When around thee all is weeping,
Thou with smiles may’st meet thy doom!


SON belovéd! if in bondage
Man the nightingale doth bring,
He to all things can constrain him,
All, but out of love to sing.

Even so, when man his fellow
With despotic rule doth sway,
Easily he can compel him
Humble reverence to pay;

Timidly to quail before him,
Kiss the scourge that gives him pain;—
He to all things can constrain him,
But his love he cannot gain!