Bohemian legends and other poems/A Hussite Song

For other English-language translations of this work, see Ye Soldiers of our God.



Attributed to John Žižka.

You who are champions of God,
And of his law,
Pray Him to assist you, and laud
Him and His law.
So shall ye conquer through God,
And be victorious.

Our Lord has told us not to fear
Those who can kill
The body, but keep Him near,
And fight with will.
Fight valiantly then with no fear,
And make strong your hearts.

Christ will repay thee hundredfold—
For he has said,
Who dies for me, and in my fold,
Is happy dead.
For him shall open joys untold—
And life eternal.”

So archers, and lancers, and all
Ye warlike men;
Hallebards, and ye that appall
The hearts of men;
Remember all, ye warriors tall,
God’s loving kindness.

E’en if the enemy be strong—
Still do not fear.
Let God’s word be your battle song,
Know He is near.
Fly not, but fight the battle long,
Better death than flight.

In the old time they used to say,
With a good Lord.
The expedition would make way,
And with his Lord
His servant would be great one day.”
This remember all.

Ye wagoners, and fiery youth,
Think of your souls.
Risk not your lives for things, forsooth—
For wealth untold.
Fight not for plunder, but the truth,
The truth of your God.

Remember the words of command
You have been told.
Obey your leader’s voice and hand,
And be ye bold.
Keep your own places in the band,
Without disorder.

Then joyfully call out, and shout,
The enemy,
With God’s aid, we will surely rout
Our enemy.
God is our Lord, be that our shout,
Kill, kill, no quarter.