Book of Common Prayer (ECUSA)/Prayers and Thanksgivings

Prayers and

Prayers and Thanksgivings


Prayers for the World

  1. For Joy in God’s Creation
  2. For all Sorts and Conditions of Men
  3. For the Human Family
  4. For Peace  
  5. For Peace among the Nations
  6. For our Enemies

Prayers for the Church

  1. For the Church
  2. For the Mission of the Church
  3. For Clergy and People
  4. For the Diocese
  5. For the Parish
  6. For a Church Convention or Meeting
  7. For the Election of a Bishop or other Minister
  8. For the Unity of the Church
  9. For those about to be Baptized or to renew their Baptismal Covenant
  10. For Monastic Orders and Vocations
  11. For Church Musicians and Artists

Prayers for the Ordained Ministry are on pages 205 and 256.

Prayers for National Life

  1. For our Country
  2. For the President of the United States and all in Civil Authority
  3. For Congress or a State Legislature
  4. For Courts of Justice
  5. For Sound Government
  1. For Local Government
  2. For an Election
  3. For those in the Armed Forces of our Country
  4. For those who Suffer for the sake of Conscience

Prayers for the Social Order

  1. For Social Justice
  2. In Times of Conflict
  3. For Agriculture
  4. For the Unemployed
  5. For Schools and Colleges
  6. For the Good Use of Leisure
  7. For Cities
  8. For Towns and Rural Areas
  9. For the Poor and Neglected
  10. For the Oppressed
  11. For Prisons and Correctional Institutions
  12. For the Right Use of God’s Gifts
  13. For those who Influence Public Opinion

Prayers for Industry and Labor are on pages 208, 210, 259, and 261.

Prayers for the Natural Order

  1. For Knowledge of God’s Creation
  2. For the Conservation of Natural Resources
  3. For the Harvest of Lands and Waters
  4. For Rain
  5. For the Future of the Human Race

Prayers for Family and Personal Life

  1. For Families
  2. For the Care of Children
  3. For Young Persons
  4. For Those Who Live Alone
  5. For the Aged
  1. For a Birthday
  2. For a Birthday
  3. For the Absent
  4. For Travelers
  5. For those we Love
  6. For a Person in Trouble or Bereavement
  7. For the Victims of Addiction
  8. For Guidance
  9. For Guidance
  10. For Quiet Confidence
  11. For Protection
  12. A Prayer of Self‑Dedication
  13. A Prayer attributed to St. Francis

Prayers for the sick are on pages 458‑461.

Prayers for the dying are on pages 462‑465.

Prayers for the dead are on pages 202, 253, 487, and 503.

Other Prayers

  1. In the Evening
  2. Before Worship
  3. For the Answering of Prayer
  4. Before Receiving Communion
  5. After Receiving Communion
  6. After Worship
  7. On Sunday
  8. Grace at Meals

Prayers for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and for morning and evening, are on pages 56, 69, 98, and 123.


General Thanksgivings

  1. A General Thanksgiving
  2. A Litany of Thanksgiving

The General Thanksgiving is on pages 58 and 101.

Thanksgivings for the Church

  1. For the Mission of the Church
  2. For the Saints and Faithful Departed

Thanksgivings for National Life

  1. For the Nation
  2. For Heroic Service

Thanksgiving for the Social Order

  1. For the Diversity of Races and Cultures

Thanksgivings for the Natural Order

  1. For the Beauty of the Earth
  2. For the Harvest

Thanksgivings for Family and Personal Life

  1. For the Gift of a Child
  2. For the Restoration of Health

Thanksgivings for the departed are on pages 487‑489 and 503‑504.

The term “Various Occasions” in the following pages refers to the numbered Collects beginning on pages 199 and 251.