Bromyarde, John de (DNB00)

BROMYARDE, JOHN de (fl. 1390), so named from the place of his birth, Bromyard in Herefordshire, was a friar of the Dominican order. He was educated at Oxford, where he distinguished himself in jurisprudence as well as in theology, and he subsequently lectured on theology at Cambridge. He was a keen opponent of the doctrines of Wycliffe, which he denounced in preaching and lecturing, and also by writing; and he is said by some writers to have taken part in the fourth council of London which assembled under William de Courtenay, archbishop of Canterbury, in the year 1352, for the purpose of condemning Wycliffe; but Bromyarde's name does not appear in contemporary lists of persons present at the council. Bromyarde is the author of a work entitled 'Summa Prædicantium,' printed at Nuremberg by A. Koberger in 1485, and reprinted several times, the last edition having appeared at Venice in 1586. It is also probable that he was the author of 'Opus trivium perutilium materiarum prædicabilium ordine alphabetico e divina canonica civilique legibus eleganter contextum per ven. F. Philippum de Bronnerde, ord. præd.,' printed without date or place, but probably from the press of Fust and Schœffer at Mayence, about 1475. This book was reprinted at Paris in 1500, with the author's name given as Joannes Bromyard.

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Dictionary of National Biography, Errata (1904), p.37
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